Spring Jokes for Children

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Spring jokes for children are a wonderful way for kids to usher in spring. Find some great original jokes for kids and get tips on helping kids write their own jokes for a laughter-filled spring season. From nonsense rhymes to head-scratching riddles, jokes are just another way for children to embrace the beauty of language and sounds.

Spring Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids

Knock-Knock jokes are some of the easiest jokes for kids to create and understand because of their simple nature.

  • Knock, Knock. Who's there? Rain. Rain who? You're not going to tell me to go away and come again another day?
  • Knock, Knock. Who's there? Lamb. Lamb who? No, lambs don't moo, they baa!
  • Knock, Knock. Who's there? Wasp. Wasp who? Was Pooh best friends with Piglet?
  • Knock, Knock. Who's there? March. March who? Bless you!
  • Knock, Knock. Who's there? Ant. Ant who? An-two plus two equals four!
  • Knock, Knock. Who's there? Bunny. Bunny who? Bunny you should ask!
  • Knock, Knock. Who's there? Garden. Garden who? Gardin' the door like that is rude!

Spring One-Liners for Children

Jokes told using a single sentence seem simple, but can be challenging to create for any season.

  • Two little seeds were inseparable because they were mint to be!
  • You can never trust a lie-lac!
  • When storms play baseball, thunder gets mad at lightning because it only throws strikes!
  • People are always spelling Spring's name wrong, it's not S-P-R-I-N-G - it's Vern Al Equinox!
  • After Easter Toby's mom had to send a note that he couldn't come back to school. He'd suffered a Spring break!
  • When dandelions get married, it's called a weeding!

Easy Kids' Spring Jokes

Common spring plants and animals can easily be turned into basic, funny jokes with a few plays on words.

  • Why did one bee tease the other bee? Because he was acting like a bay-bee!
  • What is Spring's favorite kind of pickles? Daffo-dills!
  • What do you call a well-dressed lion? A dandy lion!
  • What is a flower's favorite bike part? The pedals!
  • What do you call a cyborg bee? The Pollinator!
  • How does the sun listen to music? On its ray-dio!
  • What is Spring's favorite appetizer? A bloomin' onion!
  • Who is an herb's favorite singer? Elvis Parsley!
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Long Jokes for Kids About Spring

Long jokes incorporate classic Spring creatures and take a bit of storytelling skill to pull off.

Heads or Tails?

Two vegetables are flipping a coin in the garden. The first alternates picking heads and tails on its turns. The second only picks heads on its turns. The first vegetable asks, "Why do you only pick heads every time?" The second vegetable answers, "I'm lettuce, it's all I know."

Earth Worms

Two worms are staring at the sky one Spring night. One turns to the other and says, "Don't you wish we could explore outer space like the humans?" The other looks down and says, "No, I'm an earthworm at heart."

Dry Garden

None of the plants could figure out why water from the sprinkler wasn't getting to their roots. After a thorough investigation, the lettuce turned and said "There's a leek in the garden.'"

Writing Spring Jokes for Children

One of the simplest ways for kids to explore the change of seasons is by writing their own spring jokes. This is a wonderful way for kids to combine creativity and language skills while making their family members and friends laugh at the same time.

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Keep Ideas Together

Encourage kids to write down their word and joke ideas in a notebook or fill a folder with their ideas to use later. When they need funny inspiration, they can look back at this one place to find ideas for new jokes, riddles, and puns.

Use Spring Word Association

Have kids think about spring-related images and words that make them laugh. Common words could include frogs, rain, bunnies, flowers, trees, clouds, sunshine, vegetables, or grass. Since these words might not be silly by themselves, ask kids to come up with rhyming words or funny descriptions, such as "frogs on logs" or "busy bunnies bouncing bravely." They can use these word combos later in their silly jokes and rhymes.

Paint a Picture

Ask kids to draw funny pictures, like a cat in a raincoat or a frog holding an umbrella. Children can use these images to create a funny saying or joke to go along with the picture.

Create a List of Silly Questions

Jokes often begin with a silly question that nobody really knows the answer to. Kids can create jokes around the questions they make up. For example, do you know the answer to the following question: "Why does everyone feel tired on April 1st?" The answer? "Because they've just completed a 31 day March!"

Seasonal Silliness

Spring jokes can be used as entertainment around the family dinner table, for writing projects at school, or even in Easter skits and plays. Grab a good kids' joke book to start reading fun jokes to get started. Once they get the hang of it, your kids may turn into semi-professional joke writers and tellers.

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