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Sonoma County Children's Activities

Karen Frazier
Mother and daughter enjoying the outdoors

If you are looking for something local to do with your kids in Sonoma County, then these Sonoma County children's activities can help. Whether it's a rainy day or a sunny one, there's plenty to do in Sonoma County to keep your kids active and engaged.

Sonoma County Children's Activities

For residents and visitors to Sonoma County alike, good children's activities are a must for families with kids. Fortunately, the region offers plenty of different activities of various types. Try these indoor and outdoor Sonoma County children's activities and bring a little fun into your life at the same time as your children's lives.

Rainy Day Activities

Although rain is not an everyday occurrence in Sonoma County, a few rainy day activities are essential. Just because it is raining does not mean you have to sit in the house or hotel room all day long, watching movies or playing video games. Here are some great rainy day activities:

  1. Indoor arcades provide noisy fun. While the cost can be on the pricey side, kids love playing the electronic games. Try Chuck E. Cheese in Rohnert Park.
  2. If your kids enjoy bounce houses, then they will love Pump It Up in Cotati. Call ahead to find out when drop-in times are scheduled around parties and special events.
  3. If your kids love stickers, visit Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Factory in Petaluma for a guided tour that ends in the sticker room.
  4. Go to the museum. Sonoma County has a number of family-friendly museums, including the Charles M. Schultz Museum, the Pacific Coast Air Museum, and the Sonoma County Museum.
  5. Spend the day at the Children's Museum of Sonoma County. Your kids can have fun while learning about all kinds of different topics through interactive exhibits and art projects. Children's museums always keep kids engaged.

Outdoor Activities

When the sun is shining, it's great to get outdoors with your kids. Try these Sonoma County outdoor activities:

  1. Visit Train Town. General admission to the theme park is free, and you can buy tickets for rides in the park.
  2. Go fly a kite at Doran Regional Park; in April, visit the Doran Regional Park's Sandcastle and Kite Days.
  3. Sonoma County has a number of parks. Visit the Regional Parks website to find one near you.
  4. Low tide at local beaches, such as Shell Beach and Miwok, brings a whole world of sea life into the tide pools. Take your budding oceanographers to explore the diverse sea life that reveals itself at low tide.
  5. Sonoma County provides wonderful outdoor recreational activities for families, including hiking and bicycling. Take a family hike along one of Sonoma County's many hiking trails.
  6. Take your kids on an African adventure to Safari West in Santa Rosa. Reservations are required.
  7. Visit one of Sonoma County's many farmers' markets.
  8. Play miniature golf in Guerneville at Pee Wee Golf.

There is a lot to do with your kids in Sonoma County. Whether you have a big budget or a small one to work with, and whether it's raining or sunny, your kids can enjoy a wealth of activities offered in the region, and many of the activities are fun for the whole family.

Sonoma County Children's Activities