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Safety worksheets can be excellent tools for kids of all ages to learn about safe and unsafe practices at home, at play and at school. There are many ways to use these kind of worksheets for little to no cost.

Advantages of Using Safety Worksheets

In today's high tech world, some people might consider paper worksheets out of date. However, there are many advantages to using them. Safety worksheets:

  • Can be adapted for use in home, school, church or communty organizations
  • Don't require any high-tech gadgets, charging or batteries
  • Can be adapted to different ages
  • Facilitate learning by requiring active participation

Topics for Safety Worksheets

Almost any safety topic can be addressed in a worksheet format including:

  • Fire safety
  • Body safety (for example, to help kids make choices about smoking)
  • Stranger safety
  • Internet safety
  • Bus safety
  • Food safety
  • Medication safety
  • Accessing emergency services
  • Basic First Aid
  • Using 911

Free Online Sources for Safety Worksheets

A number of different websites provide free safety worksheets for anyone to download. Some of the best sources include:

  • Apples for the Teacher has a number of safety workseheets for differet ages, although they are mostly centered on fire safety.
  • ABCteach, an eductors' resource website, has a number of different of types of worksheets that are safety themed and for many different ages. They also include printable flashcards and paint-by-number, safety-themed coloring sheets.

Local Sources for Safety Worksheets

Local organizations may also be able to provide you with safety worksheets. For example local chapters of the American Cancer Society often have body safety (anti-smoking, in this case) worksheets that they can give out to local schools. You can also check with your fire department and police department for worksheets on fire safety and crime prevention. If your school or organization doesn't already have a police and police liaison, you can usually ask the public affairs or community departments for what you need.

Creating Your Own Safety Worksheets

One fun way to make custom worksheets is to use online sources that allow you to input your own terms and clues to make either a word find or a crossword puzzle. Simple word finds can be used for kids starting as early as age six. Crossword puzzles usually work best after age eight. For younger kids, you can create your own coloring pages from public domain clip art, add a simple one sentence safety guideline and you have an easy and fun-to-use teaching aid.

For older school age kids, you may want to provide index card sized pictures of safety scenarios and have them make them into a narrative in the form of a graphic novel or comic book. You can even give them blank comic book templates to help the creative process along.

Keep the Conversation Going

You can use safety worksheets to start teaching kids safety practices. Supplement them with ongoing reinforcement of the material, as well as open discussion, and they will be even more effective.

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