Tooth Fairy Letter Templates

Michele Meleen
little girl holding up her tooth

The loss of a tooth can be a magical time for kids when the tooth fairy takes the old tooth in exchange for a gift or cash. Help make these moments even more memorable by clicking on the image of your favorite template and then personalizing and printing it using the Adobe printables guide for troubleshooting.

Basic Rhyming Letter

Add your child's name and the date to this whimsical, poetic letter from the tooth fairy. In the rhyming letter the tooth fairy thanks your child for sharing their tooth with her and promises a dose of magic to accompany the change left in its place under their pillow.

Congratulatory Certificate

Bestow your child with the honor of becoming an "Official Tooth Giver" using this formal certificate. Add in your child's name, then handwrite the signatures for each tooth fairy official to finish of the personalized congratulations.

Official Letter of Donation

Many kids wonder what the tooth fairy does with all those teeth she collects. Use this donation letter to answer that question. Kids learn the existence of the Museum of Teeth and how much their contributions are appreciated. Customize any part of the message to reflect your personal beliefs or rewards.

Creative Delivery Suggestions

If you're short on time or prefer the traditional method, simply print your letter and stash it under your child's pillow after they fall asleep and you take their tooth. Add some excitement and fantasy to the experience with more creative delivery methods.

Tiny Mail

Change the font size to the smallest you can get to make a fairy-sized letter. Fold an easy origami envelope in the same size as the letter and hide it with a gift under your child's pillow.

Fairy House Mailbox

When your child's tooth first starts getting loose work together on building a tiny fairy house with a mailbox for the tooth fairy. Explain that she'll need a place to rest after all that flying from house to house collecting teeth. Have your child make a mailbox for herself. Kids can write tiny letters to the tooth fairy and put them in her mailbox when they lose a tooth and you can slip the letter from her in your child's mailbox while she sleeps.

Floating Letter

If your kid has a ceiling fan or large light fixture in their room, you can make it look like the tooth fairy used a bit of magic to deliver her letter. Hang the letter from fishing wire by taping the wire to the back of the letter with clear tape. Then tie the wire on the fan or light. Kids won't see the wire and when they pull the paper it should come loose easily if you haven't pressed the tape down too hard. You can cut the wire off the fan later when they're not looking.

For Kids Who Fear the Fairy

Kids who don't love the idea of a fantasy creature entering their room at night might prefer "mailing" their tooth to the tooth fairy and getting their reward via post. Purchase large white document envelopes and decorate the outside to match the pictures and colors on your chosen letter. Use markers and stamps to create the address, return address, and stamp. Have your child "mail" their tooth to the tooth fairy when it falls out. Place the letter in the envelope and put it in your mailbox so your child "receives it in the mail" when they wake up.

Make Magical Memories

Give your child an experience he or she will never forget after losing that first tooth or any other tooth with mail from the tooth fairy herself. Kids will have a fun memory and a keepsake they can save to remind them forever of that special day.

Tooth Fairy Letter Templates