Printable Penguin Coloring Sheets and Facts for Kids

penguins coloring page
Penguins coloring page

Printable coloring pages are perfect for down time between other learning activities or to teach basic manual dexterity skills and coloring between the lines. Whether your child is a fan of the movie Happy Feet, or just loves animals, penguin coloring sheets are a fun addition to an otherwise boring day.

Penguin Pages to Color

To print either of the following coloring pages, please be sure you have the latest version of Adobe reader. If you don't have it, you can download it for free from the Adobe site. Once you're ready to print, click on the link in the coloring page, and then hit ctrl + p to print your page.

Penguin With Baby

This coloring page features an adult penguin and her baby. Across the water, floating on a piece of ice, is another penguin. The detailed lines of the penguins allow your child to carefully color between the line, but the larger spaces of the sky, water and ice allow your child a bit more freedom.

Although it is tempting to encourage a child to only use colors found in nature, try not to limit his creativity with this fun activity. If he wants to make the snow purple, then tell him snow is usually white but you love the color purple and that makes his picture fun.

Diving Penguins

This fun, printable coloring page features a group of penguins diving into the water. There are four penguins of similar size, but each is in a different position as he lines up and prepares to enter the water.

The details are in the sun and the penguins. Your child will gain control as he colors carefully between the lines to highlight each penguin.

Larger areas in the image include the ice and the water, which will allow your child to practice broader motions with the coloring instrument you've chosen (crayon, colored pencil, marker or paint).

More Coloring Pages with Penguins

Looking for even more penguins for your child to color? There are additional pages in a wide variety of penguin poses and unique categories, such as color by math and connect the dots.

Color by Math Penguin

DLTK offers several coloring sheets featuring penguins, but one of the most unique is this color by math penguin. This sheet is suitable for a kindergarten or first-grade student. The child must solve simple math equations, such as 3 + 4, and fill in that section of the coloring page with color that matches the answer to the equation. For example, 3 + 4 = 7 and all 7s should be colored yellow.

Connect the Dots Penguin

Another way to learn control of a pencil is by drawing straight lines from one point to the next. In addition, this connect the dots uses letters of the alphabet, so the activity can help a preschooler who is learning the alphabet by reinforcing correct order of letters. Connect the Dots Penguin printable features a single penguin standing upright.

Types of Penguins

If your child grows truly interested in penguins, he will soon learn that there are different types of penguins. First Palette offers several different penguin printables featuring the different breeds of penguins. In addition to blank coloring pages, they also offer printables that are already colored in. Your child can compare the two as he colors or adds details to an already colored-in printable. You'll find printables for the Emperor penguin, a Chinstrap penguin and a basic cartoon penguin that is more generic.

Baby Skating Penguin

Penguins and skating go together like winter and ice. At least, in a cartoon-type world, they do. This Animal Place printable coloring page features a baby penguin skating. There are many finer details in this coloring page, including laces on the skates, facial features and a fir tree in the background.

Eskimo with Penguins

Hello Kids offers a coloring page that features an Eskimo girl feeding a penguin a fish.There are other baby penguins at her feet, an igloo in the background and birds flying overhead. This coloring page has many fine details, so it would be best suited for a child who has more advanced color skills and can stay between the lines.

Fun Facts About Penguins

There is something about these amazing little creatures that fascinates adults and children alike. Although penguins are just plain cute with their tuxedo markings and waddling gaits, they are also interesting creatures.

  • According to SmithsonianMag, there are about 17 to 20 different species of penguins. All live in the southern hemisphere. However, the Galapagos penguins will sometimes move just north of the equator.
  • April 25th is annual World Penguin Day.
  • The largest subspecies of penguins, according to Live Science, is the Emperor penguin and the smallest is the Fairy penguin. An Emperor can weigh as much as 90 pounds and stand 45 inches tall and a Fairy variety can weigh as little as 2.5 pounds and stand only 10 inches tall.
  • lists penguins' diets as typically consisting of krill, fish and squid. Those penguins that live closer to the equator, such as Galapagos penguins, tend to eat more fish, while those who live near Antarctica rely more on krill and squid to make up their diets.
  • National Geographic describes Emperor penguins breeding behavior almost exactly as it is depicted in the Happy Feet cartoon. The female lays a single egg and then makes a long trek for food, while the male stays behind and keeps the egg warm. The males huddle together to stave off the harsh Arctic winds and brutal cold. The male penguins take turns moving to the center of the circle, where it is warmest. The penguin in the center will warm up and then move back out and let another penguin move inside. The females return after a couple of months with food for the newly hatched babies (regurgitated) and the males leave to hunt for food.
  • Falklands Conservation indicates that penguins spend months worth of time each year swimming, hunting and even sleeping in the water. They come onto the shore to molt, grow new feathers and breed.

Silly Penguin Fun

Penguins are one of those creatures that are fun to watch and think about. Enhance coloring activities by watching documentaries like, March of the Penguins, with your child, viewing cartoons like, Happy Feet, or even getting up and waddling around the room like penguins. If your child isn't already a fan of penguins, he soon will be after learning a few fun facts and coloring these pages.

Printable Penguin Coloring Sheets and Facts for Kids