Printable Color Wheel Chart for Kids

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A color wheel is a chart or image meant to help people visualize how colors mix to create new colors. These free, printable color charts for kids are easy to use and feature a unique design. Use the color wheels in lesson plans or independent creative art projects for children of all ages.

Color Wheel for Young Kids

Color wheels can be difficult for children in preschool and kindergarten to understand. Not only does this color wheel printable offer a clear understanding of how color moves along the wheel but it offers a key to show kids how the colors mix. You could also print out the blank color wheel and allow preschoolers to practice filling it in. If you need help to print or download the chart, check out these tips and suggestions on troubleshooting.

Kids' Color Chart

The simplistic design of this printable color wheel PDF makes it easy for kids to understand. It also has a unique design that makes it fun for older kids to use.

Color Wheel for Kids
Printable kid's color chart

Using the Kids' Color Chart

For older kids learning about colors, an adult can use this chart as a visual aid to teach color theory. Explain each of the features listed, then allow children to explore the color wheel and color design.

  • This chart starts with the primary colors red, blue and yellow in large triangle shapes that meet to form the brown inner circle as they mix.
  • On the outer ring, the diamond shapes represent secondary colors created when you mix the primary colors on either side of the diamond.
  • The outer ring of the chart features arrows to show the new, tertiary colors made by mixing different amounts of primary colors. For example, when equal amounts of red and yellow mix you get orange. However, if you add more red and less yellow you'll get a red-orange color as seen between the orange diamond and red triangle.
  • Each primary and secondary color has a matching arrow pointing to the black center circle to show how when you mix all the colors, you get black.

Color Wheel Activities

Kids use color wheels in school and at home when mixing paints and other colored materials. Challenge your kids to get creative with these fun activities.

  • Assign each tertiary color a number, write it on a piece of paper, and place the papers in a bowl. Allow kids to pick a number from the bowl. Children will then need to create that color using the chart as a guide.
  • Ask kids to write the name of each color next to it and label primary, secondary and tertiary colors on the chart.
  • Give kids a simple picture or painting with lots of colors to copy as best they can. The color chart serves as a guide to help them see how to make specific colors.
  • Give children a printed version of the blank chart on card stock and see if kids can place the colors correctly on the wheel.
  • Have kids measure the ratio of colors it takes to make brown or black. For example, do you need equal amounts of all colors or can you make a darker black by adding more blue and green or less purple and yellow?
  • Mix up a tertiary color on a paper plate or palette and give it to the child. Ask him to decide which colors, and how much of each, it took to get the color you presented him.

Get Creative With Color

Color theory seems simple once it's mastered, but for kids, it can be confusing. A color wheel helps kids visualize how colors mix and create new shades. These kids color wheels are easy for children to use independently as they explore their creativity through colors. Once a child masters the simple color chart, he can move on to the more complex color wheel to gain a great understanding about color mixing.

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