Printable Bookmarks for Kids

Annette McDermott
child reading

Despite the popularity of e-readers, kids love traditional books. There's something special about holding a printed book and turning a page. Printable bookmarks for kids help make reading fun.

Free Printable Bookmarks

The following bookmarks are free to download and print. Each bookmark sheet has four designs, each featuring fun text. Make the bookmarks last longer by laminating them or printing on card stock. You can also hole-punch the top and add a ribbon.

If you need help downloading and printing the bookmarks, check out this helpful article.​

Cute Bookmarks

A purring cat, a whimsical owl, cupcakes, and a growing apple tree are featured designs on this bookmark sheet.

Encouragement and Gifting Bookmarks

Use these bookmarks to reward and encourage kids to read, or to remind them that reading is a gift. Each bookmark includes an inspirational saying and a fun picture.

Other Printable Bookmarks

These websites also offer free printable bookmarks for kids:

  • K12 Reader has bookmarks featuring kid-friendly pictures such as butterflies, dinosaurs, and ice cream.
  • It's easy to create custom bookmarks using DLTK's website. Choose your theme, saying, size, fonts, and colors.
  • Mocha Bay Design has put together a list of printable bookmarks for a variety of themes including coloring bookmarks, educational bookmarks, and holiday bookmarks.

Bookmarks Inspire

If you're a parent, grandparent, or teacher, you inspire kids to read when you give them a bookmark. Bookmarks are a tool that helps foster a lifelong love of reading. Tuck one into your child's backpack, Christmas stocking, or their favorite book.

Printable Bookmarks for Kids