Mother's Day Cards for Kids to Color

Annette McDermott
Kitty hugs printable card
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When it comes to Mother's Day, there are many gift options but few are better than a hand decorated card. If you're searching for Mother's Day cards for kids to color, try these printable cards that are just waiting for a creative touch. To print a card, first download the card. Next, click the printer icon and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need help printing the card, use this handy guide.

Three Printable Cards

The card may be colored before or after folding. If you plan to add a message inside, it may be easier to do after the card is folded.

Kitty Hugs

This sweet card (pictured above) shows a kitten hugging its mother and says, "I Love You , Mom." The image is surrounded by flowers and the large coloring areas make this a great option for younger kids.

Puppy Love for Grandma

Kids will love coloring this adorable puppy presenting a flower bouquet to Grandma. The sentiment reads, "Happy Mother's Day, Grandma!"

Mother's Day Bouquet

This card is great for kids of all ages but older kids will especially enjoy coloring this intricate bouquet of tulips with a large bow. The greeting reads, "Happy Mother's Day!"

Decorating Tips

Besides coloring, there are other ways to make the Mother's Day cards special. Ideas include:

  • Print the card on colored card stock or thick colored paper instead of white paper.
  • Color and trim around the image and paste the image on card stock. Hole punch the top of the card and thread a piece a yarn through to make a hanging card.
  • Go beyond crayons and markers and embellish the card with stickers, glitter, tissue paper or sequins.
  • Add a child's handprint to the inside of the card.
  • Don't forget to sign and date the card.

Other Cards to Color

The following websites have printable Mother's Day cards for kids to color:

Treasured Keepsakes

Mother's Day gifts don't have to be expensive. A little imagination and a printable card to color is all kids need to make a treasured keepsake. Homemade cards are a great way to let Mom, Grandma or any special lady in a child's life know how much she is loved and make Mother's Day memorable.

Mother's Day Cards for Kids to Color