Horse Coloring Pages to Print

horse in pasture coloring page
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A child that loves horses usually loves anything related to these majestic creatures. Print out horse coloring pages so your child can dream about the horse she'll one day own as she fills in the various sections of the printable with the colors of the horse she imagines. Use printables as filler material between school lessons, for a fun rainy day activity or to take along on long road trips or flights for something quiet to do.

Free Coloring Pages Featuring Horses

The coloring pages below are PDF files. Simply click on the thumbnail. You will need to download the free Adobe Reader software to view these printables. There is also a guide for Adobe printables if you need help.

Horse in Pasture

The coloring page featured at the top of the page is of a horse in a pasture. The horse offers details that will help your child with manual dexterity as he holds the crayons and colors in small items like the hoofs, mane and tale, nostrils and ears.

The fencing in the background is also detailed with bars and slats.

Finish off the page by filling in the grassy area with a green crayon of your child's choice.

One of the best things about this coloring page is that you can run multiple copies and ask your child to give the horse a different look each time. Add a horn and he becomes a unicorn. Add some ribbons and he is a show horse.

Mother and Foal Running Free

The coloring page to the right is of a mother horse running with her foal. It could be of two wild horses, with the mountains in the background and the plains in the foreground. Or, it might be that these are two horses on a working ranch in Montana.

Invite your child to decide how much the baby horse looks like her mother. Do they have the same patterns? Are they two different colors?

This printable gives your child the opportunity to color in a complete background, from the sky to the mountains to the grassy area.

Additional Horse Pages to Color

  • Barrel Racing Horse and Cowgirl: This coloring page features a cowgirl complete with western gear, hat and scarf. She is seated on a powerful horse in motion. The pair is in the process of racing around a barrel.
  • Circus Horse: This printable will bring joy to the heart of any child who loves the circle. It features a beautiful horse inside a ring under the big tent. On his back is a young girl, standing as he trots around the ring. The vague outline of an audience is in the background.
  • Horse In Car: If you're looking for a printable with a bit of whimsy, this coloring page features a horse trying to climb through the open door of a family car. The dog is already in the car, so the horse figures he should be allowed to go for a ride as well.

How to Use Horse Printables

There are numerous occasions and uses for horse coloring pages, including:

  • Western-themed birthday party
  • Enhance zoological studies or units on horses
  • Prepare a child for a day of riding or riding lessons
  • Teach horse anatomy
  • Teach manual dexterity
  • Teach muscle control (coloring inside lines)
  • Teach colors or color mixing (require the child to paint the horse specific colors)
  • Preparation for unit on the history of America's now wild horses

Hours of Fun

Horse coloring pages are readily available in dozens upon dozens of designs and themes. Whether your child likes cartoon horses or more realistic scenarios, there is a printable page that will match his interests. The only limitation is how many pages you want to print at a time. However many you choose, your child is sure to enjoy this fun activity.

Horse Coloring Pages to Print