Children Doing Cartwheels Coloring Pages

Children doing cartwheels
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One of the best memories of childhood is doing cartwheels across the lawn. These printable coloring pages of kids doing cartwheels brings that wonderful memory to life. Print out these coloring pages so you child has something to do indoors on a rainy day. Then, when the sun is shining and the ground is dry, she can try out a few real life cartwheels.

Cartwheel Coloring Pages

The coloring pages below will keep your child busy. They feature different children doing cartwheels:

  • The first printable is of a young girl in a gymnastics leotard. She is doing the different steps to a cartwheel. This sheet could be used for coloring fun as well as teaching the steps to doing your own cartwheel.
  • The next printable is of a young man right in the middle of a cartwheel with one hand off the ground and legs straight and apart.
  • The third printable features a young girl in the same position but with both hands on the ground.

To print these coloring pages, you'll need to make sure that the free Adobe reader is installed on your computer. Then, simply click on the image below or the text that says to download the printable and a separate screen will open that you can print.

Need More Cartwheel Pages?

If your child has already colored the pages above and loves the joy of cartwheels, here are a few more cartwheel pages you can print and have your child color:

  • Doing Cartwheels: This coloring page is part of young boy in the middle of a cartweel.
  • Girl Doing Cartwheel: This coloring page is of a young girl in the middle of a cartwheel.
  • Cartwheel Directions: The last page in this coloring packet features a boy doing the different positions of the cartwheel and a little rhyme that will help your child learn. You can print only page 10 for the cartwheel page or use all the printables in the packet.

The Perfect Cartwheel

The perfect cartwheel is something that takes a lot of practice to achieve. Studying the positions in these printables and seeing how other people do cartwheels can help your child get started on the process.

Children Doing Cartwheels Coloring Pages