Photos of Spring for Children

Winter Is Over - Hello Spring

Looking at photos of spring for children is a terrific way to inspire you to start planning fun outdoor activities for your family. Spring means no more long days trapped in a house with bored, cranky kids who have watched too many movies. Instead, you can look forward to gardening, playing in the rain, or just blowing bubbles.

Playing in the Rain

Playing in a gentle spring rain is one of the greatest joys of childhood, but these two kids look a little apprehensive about the idea. In time, the irresistible lure of jumping in some mud puddles may be just the thing to tempt them to play.

Best Buddies Swinging

Sunny days and a fun playground are a guaranteed formula for success. Take along a must-read book for your enjoyment as the kids delight in swinging on an updated version of the old-fashioned tire swing.

Feeding the Bunny

Looks like this little tyke isn't sure if he should eat the carrot or feed it to the bunny. Do you wonder how many Easter eggs they found?

Spring Break at the Beach

Memories of spring break vacations at the beach will last forever. Whether you stay local or head for a tropical island, there is nothing like a good beach activity to chase away the winter blues.

Gardening Photos of Spring for Children

Incorporate some subliminal learning into traditional springtime activities like planting a garden by letting the kids count the seeds as they place them gently into the soil. As a bonus, they may be more willing to eat vegetables they grew themselves.

Run Like the Wind

Spontaneous activities, like playing tag, are great ways for kids to expend pent-up energy. Running barefoot in the grass is a classic rite of childhood, so make sure your kids kick off their shoes and experience this.

Spring Sports

No collection of photos of spring for children would be complete without some pictures of kids playing sports. Whether it is soccer, basketball, or the American iconic sport: baseball, spring and sports go together like pie and ice cream.

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Photos of Spring for Children