Pre Algebra Printable Worksheets

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Pre-algebra is a building block to algebra and is typically taught during the middle school years. Some of the concepts students should master in pre-algebra include order of operations, factoring and properties of operations. Printing worksheets to reinforce some of the more important concepts will help your child practice these building blocks and make future high school math courses easier.

Five Printable Pre-Algebra Worksheets

The following printables work on common topics taught in pre-algebra. These are core topics that will get you started, but you'll want to build on these concepts with a good pre-algebra book or additional printables. Each worksheet features sample problems for the student and an answer key for the parent.

Powering Up with Exponents Basics

Exponents, also called powers, will appear over and over in math operations from pre-algebra on. This printable covers the basics of exponents, how to solve some basic problems with exponents and sample problems. The worksheet also makes the concept of exponents clearer by showing that a number with a power of three, for example, can also be written as 3 x 3 x 3. After completing this worksheet, your child should understand how to solve exponents.

printable for exponents pre-algebra
Click to download this exponents printable.

Pizza Fraction Multiplication

Fractions - it is a word that can make the bravest homeschool teacher shudder. You may remember feeling confused about how to multiply a fraction when you were school. As it happens, many students struggle with multiplying fractions. This worksheet presents the basic concept of how to multiply fractions and provides simple graphics to help the student see how fractions work in the real world. It also provides some sample problems to reinforce the basic concept of multiplying fractions.

pre-algebra printable on fractions
Click to download fractions printable.

Negative Integers

Figuring out the best way to teach the addition and subtraction of negative numbers can give the most mathematically-inclined parent a headache. This worksheet covers the concept of negative integers and features a 'sliding' number line to help the student understand the overall concept of adding and subtracting negative numbers. There are six problems the student can work at the end of the worksheet to make sure the concept is understood.

printable worksheet on negative integers
Click to download printable on integers.

Sally Teaches the Order of Operations

As a student moves into more complex equations, understanding order of operations becomes vital. Do you multiply first or work problems inside parenthesis? This worksheet teaches an easy mnemonic device for remembering which order to work a problem in and then reinforces skills with sample problems.

printable for pre-algebra order of operations
Click to download printable on operations.

Solving Equations with Addition and Subtraction - A Balancing Act

Adding and subtracting equations can be a challenge when you throw letters into the mix. Solve for x, but x can only be on one side? This worksheet explains how to solve a simple equation with addition and subtraction and why keeping both sides balanced is important. Features six sample problems at the end to make sure your child understands the concept.

printable for solving equations with addition and subtraction
Click to download printable on equations.

Where to Find More Pre-Algebra Printable Worksheets

Need some additional printable worksheets? These websites offer high quality printables for the pre-algebra student.

Although part of the site is membership based, EdHelper also offers free worksheets by subject or grade level. Check out the middle school math section for a nice collection of printables for pre-algebra.

This site also offers some unique puzzle worksheets that are just for fun, but will still reinforce those basic pre-algebra concepts like order of operations and solving simple equations. One of the more interesting puzzle worksheets is the edHelperKu puzzles, which is basically Sudoku with math problems. You can even make custom puzzles based on problems you want your child to work.

Dad's Worksheets offers more than 7,000 free worksheets, including a nice selection of worksheets on middle school and high school math concepts. In addition to basic concepts like factorization and exponents, the site also offers some pre-algebra specific word problems.

Worksheets on the site are broken down by grade level - first through eighth and then "advanced". However, the site is also set up like a block with regular posts on math concepts going up and links to printable worksheets included.

The site also offers printable flash cards to help your child memorize formulas and other pre-algebra concepts.

Kidsmart Education

This site offers some really great resources for homeschooling parents. Kidsmart Education has a wide variety of worksheets on topics such as place values and mixed fractions. The pre-algebra page is broken down by concept and then difficulty level. For example, the categories start with "Number Basics" such as rounding real numbers and end with "Plane Figures", which covers area and perimeter of parallelograms.

The best part? You don't have to download a bunch of bulky software to your hard drive. Just click on the concept and print the PDF file straight from your browser window.

Practice Makes Perfect

No matter which worksheets you ultimately use, remember that the more your student practices the concepts as he or she is learning them, the more ingrained those concepts will become. This can help with final SAT scores and give your teen a good basis and grasp of math concepts before going into college level work.

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Pre Algebra Printable Worksheets