15 Easy Ways for Kids to Make Money Fast

Annette McDermott

Finding Ways for Kids to Make Money

There is no such thing as 'fast money.' However, your kids can learn valuable lessons from working hard to earn some cash. Help your child choose things that fit his strengths and abilities to ensure success!

Pet Care

Pets are a big responsibility that can be time consuming for many people. If your child loves animals, a pet care service might be just the ticket for earning some extra cash. Some services that kids can do include:

  • Walking
  • Feeding
  • Cleaning cages
  • Pet sitting

Mother's Helper

Any mother with a baby will tell you that having an extra pair of hands can be a godsend. Does your family know any mothers who have preschoolers and a new baby? That mom may be very willing to hire a bit of help. A mother's helper can:

  • Help with meals and snacks
  • Do crafts or games with preschoolers and toddlers
  • Help with light chores like dusting or organizing toys
  • Keep older children occupied while mom cares for the new baby

Lawn Care

Kids who are too young to work lawn mowers or weed whackers can earn extra money by helping with common outdoor chores such as:

  • Weeding
  • Planting and harvesting
  • Sweeping and raking

Yard Sale

Kill two birds with one stone by letting your kids set up a summer yard sale. Go through old clothes, toys and books. Organize items in boxes, and then set up shop. To ensure that your tag sale is well-attended, make and post a few signs around the neighborhood, and advertise your sale in your local paper.

Sell Arts and Crafts

If you have a budding artist in your midst, let her set up a stand outside to sell her wares, or suggest she sell her creations to family and friends. Homemade jewelry, soap, or hair accessories are all things kids can make and sell.

Lemonade Stand

The lemonade stand still remains a steadfast means of making money during the hot, summer months. While it won't garner your child a huge sum of money, kids who work hard can earn some extra spending cash. To attract more customers, kids can offer additional cold beverages such as iced tea or water that is flavored with fresh fruit.

Have A Bake Sale

Many kids love to bake goods such as brownies, cakes, and cookies. Kids can hold a bake sale in the front yard, and target hungry neighbors who are outside working or others who are just passing by. Bake sales may also be allowed at your local supermarket or sports field - just be sure to get permission from management before setting up. For the bake sale, kids should bake several dozen goodies, and wrap them individually. Set up a table covered with an eye-catching tablecloth to display the treats. For a larger profit, offer lemonade or water in addition to the baked items.


While it's true that you're not going to get rich off of recycling cans and bottles that yield a whopping five cents a piece, recycling those cans and bottles is a great job for a younger child. By recruiting family and friends to turn over their cans and bottles, kids can make even more cash.

Paper Route

A paper route is one of the more traditional ways for school-aged kids to earn a little extra spending cash. Kids are more likely to find a paper route if they live in a small town -- they can check with their local newspaper to see if a route is available.

Shovel Snow

While it may seem that snow blowers have taken the place of shoveling, many people don't own one and would love to have a resourceful, neighborhood kid shovel a snow-packed driveway. To drum up business, kids can offer their shoveling services to trusted neighbors after a snowstorm, or create flyers at the beginning of winter announcing their availability.

Be a Pooper Scooper

Although this job is certainly not glamorous, it does have the potential to bring in a lot of money. Many dog owners would be thrilled to relinquish the task of cleaning up after their four-legged friends. All that's needed to get started is a high-quality pooper scooper, some heavy gloves, and a good supply of trash bags. Kids can approach trusted neighborhood dog owners to inform them of their availability to scoop poop from their yards. It's likely they'll have more business than they can handle.

Gift Wrapping

Artistic kids who love to wrap presents can easily earn extra cash during the holiday season. Busy shoppers will appreciate the extra help, and kids can either save their earned money, or use it to do their holiday shopping.

Car Washing

Washing cars is the perfect job on a scorching, summer day. It's simple to get started - kids just need a bucket, soap, a sponge, and some towels. In addition to washing a car's exterior, kids can offer to wipe down or vaccuum a car's interior for an additional fee.

Help the Elderly or Disabled

Elderly or disabled people who live alone will often pay for help with common indoor and outdoor chores such as folding laundry, keeping a kitchen tidy, weeding, mowing the grass, washing windows, or grocery shopping. An added bonus? Helping someone in need brings kids a great sense of satisfaction and fosters compassion for those less fortunate.

Recycle Video Games

Many video game retailers such as Game Stop pay cash for old video games. Since kids often have stacks of video games they no longer use, turning in their old games for cash or credits can be a great way to earn money, especially if multiple kids combine their resources.

Saving Up

Earning money teaches children the value of hard work. It also gives kids the practice at money management skills. Teach kids how to save for goals, how to spend responsibly and even how to give generously to charities.

Annette McDermott
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15 Easy Ways for Kids to Make Money Fast