Shopping for Kids' Beanbag Chairs

Kid on beanbag with VR

Beanbag chairs are great for kids because they conform to each child's unique body shape, fit in most rooms, look cool and can handle lots of wear and tear. These sacks, filled with small, soft pellets are comfortable to sit or lie in and can be used for laid-back activities like lounging and reading. Bean bag chairs are available in a variety of styles and colors to fit the preferences of every kid.

Classic Round Chairs

Round bean bag chairs are the classic style seen in the 1970s and 1990s when this type of chair was most popular. This style looks like an oversized doughnut without the hole.

Small Bean Bag Chair

Bed Bath & Beyond offers a variety of round bean bag chairs for kids ranging in price from around $30 up to over $100. Different colors are available, as are different sizes and fabrics. The rated bean bags from this retailer are rated highly by customers.

Small Vinyl Bean Bag

Made from durable vinyl fabric reminiscent of the original bean bag chairs, the Ace Bayou Small Vinyl Bean Bag Chair sells for around $35. This circular chair aimed at teens or larger children comes in your choice of red, black or pink. The polystyrene bean filler supports a weight limit of up to 250 pounds. Nearly 60 customer reviews give this chair an average rating of four out of five stars.


  • Double stitched seams
  • No zippers
  • Small size of 29" in width fits anywhere


Gaming Chairs

When kids spend a long time playing video games or watching TV and movies, they want a comfortable place to lounge. Gaming chairs offer the same comfort of a classic bean bag chair with the addition of some head and neck support in the attached backrest.

Pivot Kids Chair

This triangle-shaped bean bag chair features a backrest to help kids sit comfortably in an upright position. Recommended for kids ages 6-12 this simple chair is about 36" wide, 36" deep, and about 4' tall at the highest point. The Pivot Kids Gaming Bean Bag Chair sells from Amazon for around $170 and comes in your choice of dark orange, violet, light blue, dark blue, tan, green or black.


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Eco-friendly shredded foam filler
  • Removable fabric cover is machine washable
  • Built-in backrest for added comfort


  • Only one size available
  • No zipper safety features for younger kids

Gadget Review gives the chair a 5/5 rating saying the chair is, "... the most comfortable thing my derrière has ever been in." The reviewer also shares that the package weighs about 35 pounds and the chair's assembly is almost as great as its comfort. The polystyrene filler is expandable so it comes in a small package when it is delivered, and you have to open the package to make the filler 'grow.'

Jaxx Pivot 4-Foot Teen Bean Bag Chair with Cloth Cotton Cover, Violet
Jaxx Pivot 4-Foot Bean Bag Chair

High Back Chair

Sprogs' High-Back Bean Bag Chair is a basic bean bag chair shaped to include a backrest. Choose the small version for preschoolers and very small children or the large size for bigger, older elementary kids. Color choice is limited to red or blue and each is a bright primary tone. One 5-star customer review from the site where it's sold boasts the "fabric seems durable."


  • Outer part is made from vinyl, making it waterproof and stain resistant
  • Double stitched seams for durability
  • Safety lock zipper prevents kids from emptying it
  • Comes with one-year warranty


  • Very heavy chair, large size weighs about 20 pounds
  • No available information on filler material

This chair is well suited to classrooms or homes where children won't be moving the chair from room to room.

Novelty Chairs

A novelty bean bag chair is one that features a unique shape or design element. These chairs may be shaped like animals, sports equipment or even standard living room furniture.

Elephant Buddy

For the kid who loves stuffed animals, the Elephant Bean Buddies chair is the ultimate way to snuggle a favorite toy. Shaped like a friendly cartoon elephant, this light gray bean bag chair has a rounded body, large embroidered eyes with a smiling mouth, four flat feet, free-flowing ears, and a full trunk sewn on the front. Made from polystyrene beans and polyester fabric, this cute chair sells for around $35. Other available shapes from Birch Lane Kids are a monkey and a lion. Customers on the site rave the chair is "cute and comfortable..."


  • Comes with a matching small elephant stuffed animal
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Comes with 30-day warranty
  • Lightweight at only four pounds
  • 200-pound weight limit to accommodate kids of all sizes


  • Cover does not remove
  • Uses zipper to hold in fillers
  • Overstuffed making it hard to sit on comfortably
  • 75-inch circumference suitable only for very young or small children

Big Joe Dorm Chair

One of the few bean bags that resembles an actual chair, the Dorm chair by Big Joe looks like a standard armchair at first glance. Complete with a fully formed backrest and arm rests, this stylish chair even has a cup and magazine holder pocket sewn onto the side. The chair is filled with UltimaX Beans polystyrene. For around $50 you choose from black, red, purple, blue, green and zebra stripe.


  • Made from SmartMax ballistic nylon fabric the outer shell is waterproof
  • All seams are double stitched
  • Double zipper system for easy cleaning
  • Features a carrying handle sewn on the back


  • One size fits all, dimensions are 32" wide, 33" deep, 25" high
  • Cover can't be removed for washing

This modern take on the bean bag chair was featured in a 2017 Top 10 Bean Bag Chairs list because of its durable construction.

Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair, Radiant Orchid
Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair in Radiant Orchid

Buying Tips

While it may seem like a simple purchase, finding the right bean bag chair for your child and room size can be a challenge. Talk with your child about what features are most important to him. Combine those requests with your own preferences then look for chairs that fit.


Bean bags come in different sizes for people of different builds. It is important to choose the right size for you child so the chair is safe. Bean Bags Experts suggest there are four typical chair sizes available:

  • Child/Youth - for children under 5' tall
  • Large/Teen - older kids and those up to 5'2" tall
  • Extra Large - adults up to 6' tall
  • Double Extra Large - adults up to 6'5" tall or multiple people at once


Each bean bag chair contains some kind of filler made from a variety of materials. Big Joe Bean Bag lists the following as most common:

  • Polystyrene - Small plastic-like beads
  • Shredded foam - Small polyurethane foam pieces
  • Natural filler - Any small, organic material like beans or rice
  • Mixed fillers - A combination of two or more different kinds of filling


When you are ready to shop for a child's bean bag chair online or at a kid's furniture store, keep in mind a few important questions:

  • How big is the space where you'll keep the chair?
  • Can the chair be washed easily?
  • Will it last a long time for your child? For example, are the materials high quality?
  • Will your child like the design and size for a long time?

Comfort and Style

Kids bean bag chairs come in nearly every style or color you can imagine. Give your kids a special seat that can be carried from room to room when you buy a bean bag chair.

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Shopping for Kids' Beanbag Chairs