Kids Practical Jokes and Harmless Pranks

Gummy worms in apples.

When you are looking for kids practical jokes and harmless pranks, you want to stick to something that is relatively simple to pull off. Before setting up the practical joke or prank, think about your proposed "victim." If you have any doubts about whether he or she can take a joke well and have a good laugh about the situation, it's probably best not to involve that person.

Examples of Kids Practical Jokes and Harmless Pranks

If you know someone that you figure can have a good chuckle at their own expense, these jokes and pranks can liven up things at home or at school:

Sugar and Salt Switcheroo

Take the salt shaker that your family uses and substitute sugar for the salt. Try not to giggle at the next meal when someone uses it and can't understand why their food tastes funny.

Coin Stuck to the Sidewalk Trick

This one is simple but effective. Use Super Glue to stick a coin (or several coins) to the sidewalk and then watch as people try to take advantage of the unexpected windfall. Note how long they try to get the coin before giving up entirely.

(Gummy) Worms in Apples

For an April Fool's Day joke, poke a gummy worm or two into an apple and give it to your victim for their lunch or a snack.

"Special" Juice

Take some food coloring and use it to color water the same color as whatever kind of juice or fruit punch you happen to have in the fridge. When your family member drinks it, they will be expecting the liquid to have a lot more flavor to it. Try not to laugh when they take a sip - it won't be what they are expecting.

T.P. in the Shoe Trick

This one is a simple but effective prank: Take some toilet paper and bunch it up. Place it in the toes of your victim's shoes. They will be wondering why all of a sudden their shoes don't seem to be the right size!

Lemon Juice in Water

When your victim isn't looking, add some lemon juice to their glass of water. Wait for them to take a sip and notice the look on their face when their water has a funny taste to it.

Lost in a Toilet Paper Factory

For this one, you go into the bathroom and unroll the toilet paper a bit. Take a marker and carefully write a message on it that says, "Help! I'm trapped in a toilet paper factory." Then roll the toilet paper back onto the roll. The person who happens to be using the facilities when they see the message will get a good laugh, after they wonder for a moment if the message is genuine.

Final Thought

Kids practical jokes and harmless pranks are meant to be fun. Ideally, the person you involve in the fun will be able to laugh at him or herself and take it well. Before you decide to go ahead and play a joke on someone, consider how they will take it. The examples listed here are ones that will cause a reaction, but won't harm the person in any way.

You will want to avoid any practical jokes or pranks that might injure someone else. A joke where someone ends up getting soaked with water might seem funny, but it won't be for the person who doesn't have access to a change of clothing. Always consider the feelings of the person you are directing your joke toward and think about how you would feel in their position. There is a difference between things that are funny, and those that are just mean.

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Kids Practical Jokes and Harmless Pranks