Printable Rebus Puzzles for Kids

Rebus Puzzle
Printable rebus puzzle

Need a good kids' activity for a rainy day? How about solving some rebus puzzles? In these puzzles, also known as pictograms, you look at a series of images and letters and try to determine the word or phrase being portrayed. To download and use the puzzles here, use Adobe.

Printable Rebuses

More Rebuses

You can find hundreds more rebus puzzles online. These sites are good places to start:

  • Fun with Words has a good selection of short rebus puzzles that play on both the spacing and the color of the text. There are a total of 100, so it's a good way to fill an afternoon.
  • The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences features a series of rebuses on its kids' pages. The good thing about these is the answer is right underneath the puzzle in a drop-down. No clicking or scrolling required. Just print them out and then check them.

Making Your Own

Once the kids have mastered these rebuses, why not have them draw some of their own? You can use clipart from the computer or simply give them markers and paper. It's sometimes hard to tell which is more fun; making them or solving them.

Printable Rebus Puzzles for Kids