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Printable Rebus Puzzles for Kids

Michele Meleen
Rebus Puzzle

Brain teaser worksheets, such as printable rebus puzzles for kids, introduce skills like deductive reasoning and attention to detail in a fun way. Rebus puzzles are one type of children's puzzle that uses pictures to represent words or parts of words in a coded message. Just click on the puzzle you want to try then download and print using these helpful tips.

Easy Printable Children's Rebus Puzzles

Kids ages four and up who are able to recognize basic images, letters, and numbers can try easy rebus puzzles as part of school lessons or just for fun at home. These puzzles feature only a few words in their answers and use images kids will easily identify. The blank lines under each word give kids a place to write in their answers. Younger kids may need some help with the writing from adults.

Basic Rebus Puzzle for Children

This simple rebus puzzle features a positive message and only five picture clues to decipher. The answer is included upside-down at the bottom of the page.

Superhero Pictogram Puzzle for Kids

Kids will use their own super powers to figure out which superhero each set of images describes. There are five separate pictogram puzzles for kids to solve. Answers are included upside-down at the bottom of the page.

All About School Children's Rebus Puzzle

Kids who are ready to move on to longer rebus puzzles that are still pretty simple can try this school puzzle. Kids ages six and up who can spell well on their own will do best with this since they'll need to know how to write longer words like "scissors."

Kids Christmas Rebus Puzzle

Add to your printable Christmas activities with three easy rebus puzzles that each depict a common holiday phrase. Answers are included upside-down at the bottom of the page.

Challenging Printable Rebus Puzzles for Kids

Difficult rebus puzzles include answers that are complete sentences rather than phrases and feature lots of steps in their solution. Kids ages eight and up should be able to decipher challenging rebus puzzles on their own. Kids will need to add or subtract words and letters to get the final answers, which are explained in detail on the attached answer keys.

Spring Rebus Puzzle for Children

Featuring more mathematical symbols, this puzzle depicts a fun spring saying.

Kids Halloween Rebus Puzzle

Add to your Halloween printables for kids with this cute seasonal saying.

Children's Animal Rebus Puzzle

Solve the clues to figure out this fun animal-related phrase.

Rebus Story Puzzle for Kids

For an extra challenge, kids can try out this story puzzle. The images are a little more abstract and the answer is a complete short story.

Tips for Making Your Own Rebus Puzzles

Making a rebus puzzle is even more challenging than solving one. You can create your own puzzles to compliment specific lesson plans or give kids a chance to exercise their creativity in making their own rebuses. When generating an original rebus puzzle, there are few things to keep in mind so the process is more fun than frustrating.

  • Pick a theme for the puzzle to help you and users focus in on a topic.
  • Choose a short, familiar phrase as your answer.
  • Use cutout magazine pictures or computer clipart so your images are clear to anyone trying to solve the puzzle.
  • Choose images that clearly show the word you want kids to decipher.
  • Add arrows or circle specific parts of a picture to help younger kids focus in on one detail.
  • Add blank lines for each word in the answer to guide kids in the right direction.

Turn Pictures Into Words

Rebus puzzles for kids serve as an introduction to brain teasers and other critical thinking activities. Some kids may be able to decipher rebus puzzles in their heads while others need to write down each part of the pictogram puzzle. Either way, everyone can have fun and challenge their own thinking with free rebus puzzles.

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Printable Rebus Puzzles for Kids