Tongue Twisters for Kids

Published October 3, 2018
Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are a fun way to for kids to practice English fluency and pronunciation. This is because of their repetition of sounds and similar words. You can use these nonsensical sayings in a fun game or make a tongue twister activity.

Unique Tongue Twisters

There are lots of tongue twisters out there designed for different age groups. These specific tongue twisters are designed for preschool to high school students and get more challenging as they go.

Short Tongue Twisters for Little Kids

Short tongue twisters can be a challenge, but are a great way to help younger children from ages 4 to 10 improve their pronunciation of harder sounds like s and f. If you are working on improving your speaking or just having a little fun with friends, try out these short but tricky tongue twisters.

  • Patty Peters packed pickles.
  • Shay sees seven seas.
  • Thirteen thin thinkers though thoughts.
  • Four frayed frocks
  • Thinking of thanking you, I thought.
  • Suzie saw seven saws.
  • Queen Quin quietly quacks.
  • Roofus ran around racks of rocks.
  • Sixteen socks stacked.
  • I wish for my dish to have fish that would be delish.

Involved Tongue Twisters for Older Kids

Some tongue twisters are a bit more involved and designed for older kids and even adults preparing for speeches. Give these hard tongue twisters a try if you are an expert English speaker.

  • Gobbling gargantuan gargoyles gobbled grumpy goblins.
  • Fat Fanny the frivolous fried fat fish.
  • Clean clams can cream, but can clean clams cram the cream in a clean can.
  • Snappy snails slithered sadly to Sammy. Sammy slapped the slithering snails sharply. Stopping the slithering snails from slithering snappily.
  • Ten tall tents tensed to test the ten tall tents tension.
  • The super sushi chef saw silly Suzie suddenly.
  • Sappy singing Sammy sang sappy songs about snails.

Funny Tongue Twisters for all Ages

Sure tongue twisters are fun, but have you heard funny tongue twisters? Kids of all ages can enjoy these funny gems.

  • The tutor tooted. The tutor tooted a scooter.
  • Eleven especially ecstatic elves entered the elevator.
  • Which wacky witch is which?
  • Winky watched wacky witches walk.
  • Tammy threw Tim two toes.
  • The crabby kitten fitting in a mitten.
  • Four furious furry friends fought for the bone.

Using Tongue Twisters

There are several ways you can use tongue twisters to improve pronunciation and fluency for kids and those that aren't native English speakers. First of all, these are usually nonsensical which makes them fun. They are also using repetitive sounds, which makes the tongue have to work harder to make the sounds. While there are several ways that you can use tongue twisters, give these steps a try.

  1. Start with simple tongue twisters and have the child say it slowly. Make sure the child pronounces all the sounds correctly.
  2. Have them repeat the phrase slowly, about 5 to 10 times. Not only will they smile at but they will get a feel for the words.
  3. Ramp up the speed. Have the kids say the phrase more quickly. They should repeat the phrase until they mess up.
  4. After they master the simple phrases, have them move on to harder ones and repeat the steps again.

Tongue Twisting Teasers

Tongue twisters are a fan favorite because these nonsensical phrases add a little fun to word pronunciation. Kids can also make a game of it to find out who can say the phrase the fastest, showing their mastery of English pronunciation skills. And remember, the harder the phrase, the more they will have to practice. Next, check out Short Poems for Kids.

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Tongue Twisters for Kids