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Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Michele Meleen
Kids reading scavenger hunt riddles

Make any event fun with kids' scavenger hunt clues and riddles that lead to presents or prizes. Use printable treasure hunt clues or write your own scavenger hunt riddles that take kids on a journey around the house, an outdoor location, or a venue.

Awesome Indoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles

If you're stuck in the house with kids of any age, a quick and fun indoor treasure hunt can help bust boredom. Using clues that are riddles helps make the treasure hunt around the house or classroom a little more challenging and requires kids to tap into their critical thinking skills.

Easy Household Riddle Clues

  • If you like your clothes warm and wrinkle-free, put them inside of me! Answer: Clothes dryer
  • I really like things clean, but I'm full of dirt and dust. I don't have much room, but I'll hold your clue if I must. Answer: Vacuum cleaner
  • Things get lost in and under me and so has your clue. If you get tired of looking, I've got a comfy seat for you. Answer: Couch
  • Be careful, on top of me it's very hot! You can open me up for a pan or a pot. Answer: Oven drawer
  • When you look in the mirror, you only see you. But, on the other side are more things hiding from view. Answer: Medicine cabinet

Difficult Household Riddle Clues

  • I've got lots of drawers, but they don't open like you think. These drawers might be blue, white, or even pink! Answer: Underwear drawer
  • I get filled and emptied based on what you are wearing. If your clues get too heavy, I'm also great at carrying. Answer: Hamper/laundry basket
  • Even when we can't see each other, our family is always together here. Answer: Hanging, framed family photo
  • I love books, but don't know how to read. I haven't got food, but your mind I can feed. Answer: Bookshelf
  • I'm filled with some things that are sharp and some that are shiny. All of these things help you fill your belly so finely. Answer: Silverware drawer

Fun Classroom Riddle Clues

  • I have no mouth, but can tell you every word there is. Answer: Dictionary
  • I'm not something you ride, pedal, or row. But, I can take you anywhere you want to go. Answer: Map/globe
  • Like a beaver, wood is what I love to chew. Please bring me your dull #2! Answer: Pencil sharpener
  • I have no hands and no arms, but incredible strength. I'll hold all your things easily for any length. Answer: Coat hook
  • My special symbol tells you just what to do with any items you might want to reuse. Answer: Recycling bin

Cool Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles

From family parties to school fun days, outdoor scavenger hunts offer more places to hide clues and treasures. Take advantage of any outdoor location with fun riddles directing kids to different natural attractions.

Backyard Scavenger Hunt Riddles

  • What looks like a house, but people don't live in it? Answer: Garage
  • It moves back and forth, but not up and down. Whether you're tall or short, it'll lift your feet off the ground. Answer: Swing
  • This salad won't fit in any ordinary bowl. But, each ingredient fits in its own tiny hole. Answer: Vegetable garden
  • It's small enough for a fairy and big enough for a bat. But, this house hangs up high as a different winged creature's habitat. Answer: Bird house
  • Its bark is bigger than all the rest. Towering above all others, it grows without rest. Answer: Tallest tree

Garden Scavenger Hunt Riddles

  • You wouldn't be able to shower here, but some animals might splash around with great cheer. Answer: Bird bath
  • If you're looking for a natural cup, this flower's a perfect fit. Although it sits atop a plate, I wouldn't drink from it! Answer: Daffodil
  • Amidst the dirt and mulch and leaves, you might just find one of these. Be careful when you lift it up, you might find some worms at ease. Answer: Stepping stone/rock
  • Without the "G," I'm just not me. Answer: Gnome
  • I'll wave to you and say "welcome," but I'm not alive. Answer: Garden flag

Park Scavenger Hunt Riddles

  • I'm long and strong with four sturdy legs to hold you up. Answer: Bench
  • What holds food but never eats? Answer: Picnic table
  • I run like a sink, but you won't find my faucet. Don't get too close, or you might get wet! Answer: Fountain
  • You can see right through me and also stand in me. Come on in, it's nice and shady. Answer: Gazebo
  • Going down is better, if you ask me. Just make sure you put your hands up and yell "Wee!" Answer: Slide
boy reading a scavenger hunt clue

Seasonal Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Whether it's Spring Break or a seasonal party, use riddles that lead to common items from each season.

Winter Riddle Clues

  • I've got two legs, but can't walk on my own. I'll protect you from any snowball that gets thrown. Answer: Snow pants
  • You must bury me in snow before I can get to work. Answer: Snow shovel
  • I'm not hot to the touch, but I'll turn snow to water. Answer: Ice melt bag/jug
  • Whether your car is covered in ice or snow, I can make it all go. Answer: Car snow brush
  • If you want to go down there through the snow in a hurry, jump on and I'll get you going without worry. Answer: Sled

Spring Riddle Clues

  • If you open me outside, I'll protect you. But, if you open me inside, bad luck might come through. Answer: Umbrella
  • I may not be a tea pot, but I'm short and stout. If you tip me over, you can pour me out. Answer: Watering can
  • This creature can be wide and then flat. When it's ready to sleep, it'll go past its welcome mat. Answer: Butterfly house
  • If you want to stay free of itchy bites, grab this to decrease a bug's appetite. Answer: Bug spray
  • It's not gold coins, but it can come in a pot. This liquid gold can be yours if you sneak past its makers and don't get caught. Answer: Honey

Summer Riddle Clues

  • Roasty and toasty, it's hot as the sun. Don't get too close or you'll burn your buns! Answer: Fire pit
  • What never goes in the water, but always gets wet? Answer: Beach towel
  • What looks like a shoe, but doesn't cover your foot? Answer: Sandals
  • Keep your skin safe with a squeeze or a spray. This enemy of sun keeps its rays at bay. Answer: Sunscreen
  • It's found outside and not a lake, river, or pool. This source of water can still keep you cool. Answer: Sprinkler
Kids preparing for scavenger hunt

Fall Riddle Clues

  • With long, sturdy fingers it cleans up your yard. But to make it work, you'll have to work hard. Answer: Rake
  • What grows and changes most of the year, then falls and disappears until the next year? Answer: Leaf
  • It has ears, but can't hear and hides its yellow with green. Answer: Corn
  • This fruit can be red or green, but it isn't a grape. You can peel it like a carrot or enjoy it whole. Answer: Apple
  • I keep things hot except for your hand. Just hold my handle and enjoy your warm drink as planned. Answer: Mug

Holiday Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Holidays are a great time to host scavenger hunts because they provide a more active way for kids to discover their gifts and treats. Tailor the clues to items and decorations commonly associate with the holiday to make it feel relevant.

Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt Riddles

  • Light them on fire, but not for warmth. Make sure you add one each year going forth. Answer: Birthday candles
  • Friends will bring gifts to celebrate you. Why not give them these so they can celebrate too? Answer: Party favors
  • Like bubbles and gum, you'll need a big breath to blow. Hold on to these or who knows where they'll go. Answer: Balloons
  • These things play hide-and-seek until you rip paper. Once you find them, they are yours. Answer: Gifts/presents
  • No matter the color, flavor, or texture, this birthday party staple will make you say "Brrr!" Answer: Ice cream

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt Riddles

  • It melts in your mouth, but isn't frozen. This Valentine's Day gift can be for her or him. Answer: Chocolate
  • This tiny vault keeps valuables safe, but you won't find it in a bank. Answer: Jewelry box
  • What's meant to be emptied, but fills your nose? Answer: Perfume/cologne bottle
  • It may not look like the real thing, but everyone knows this is where love lives. Answer: Heart decoration
  • If you read the words, you will find love on every line. Answer: Book (romance novel or book about love)

Easter Scavenger Hunt Riddles

  • You can dip me, dye me, or paint me with a splatter. If you crack me, it's no laughing matter. Answer: Decorated eggs
  • I might be cute, fluffy, and yellow, but when I grow up, I'll be a loud fellow. Answer: Chick decoration/stuffed animal
  • I have two distinct features that give me away. I come in lots of neutral colors like brown, black, white, or gray. Answer: Bunny decoration/stuffed animal
  • What kind of basket wouldn't you want to get for Easter? Answer: Waste basket
  • I turn white to color with one tiny drop. Answer: Food coloring

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Riddles

  • What likes candy, but gives it all away? Answer: Candy bowl
  • I've got a body, but no brain or heart. Be careful, I'm fragile and might fall apart. Answer: Skeleton decoration/costume
  • Whether day or night, I can give you light. Answer: Flashlight
  • I love brooms, but don't like to sweep. I'm more about magic than household upkeep. Answer: Witch decoration/costume
  • I'm all that blocks you from Halloween's scary creatures. I'm also a necessity for trick-or-treaters. Answer: Front door

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Riddles

  • Consider me a small, round Christmas tree. Answer: Wreath
  • I deliver seasons greetings from envelopes. Answer: Christmas card
  • I'm named after an article of clothing, but you don't wear me. Answer: Stocking
  • With five points and bright lights, I'm shiny as can be. Look for me on top of a tree. Answer: Christmas tree star
  • With green leaves and berries, don't confuse me with Holly. I'll help you get a kiss so your Christmas is jolly. Answer: Mistletoe

Tips for Writing Your Own Scavenger Hunt Riddles

There are many creative types of scavenger hunt clues you can use for a treasure hunt, but riddles add a degree of difficulty. Kids of any age can solve riddles, but there are a few tips to keep in mind when writing your own.

  • Riddles don't have to rhyme, but rhyming riddles are more fun to read.
  • Incorporate your treasure hunt theme so kids stay focused on that topic.
  • Use age-appropriate words to make sure kids understand the riddle.
  • Make each clue only one or two sentences long.
  • For younger kids, use words similar to the location in the clue to make it easier to solve.
  • Use the same format for each clue so kids focus on solving the clues.
  • Write or type out the clue in the way you want kids to read it. For example, if the clue is two lines, put each on a separate line.
  • Use bold and italic fonts to highlight important words.
  • Allow one hint for each clue in case it's too hard.
  • Choose riddles that have only one plausible answer.

Ideas for Using Scavenger Hunt Riddles

If you're planning a treasure hunt for kids, riddles make great clues for older kids or when you want the hunt to take up a lot of time. Instead of presenting riddle clues in the standard way, get more creative with puzzle-related presentations.

  • Put clues inside puzzle boxes.
  • Fold clues using origami techniques.
  • Cut the clue paper into the shape of the answer as a subtle hint.
  • Record yourself reading the riddles and send each audio file via text message as the kids discover the correct locations.
  • Leave video recordings of each clue on your phone, camera, and laptop at each new location.

Puzzles Lead to Prizes

Scavenger hunts are tons of fun, but adding funny riddles to clues makes them even more exciting. Kids will need to solve one puzzle, the riddle, in order to solve the bigger puzzle, the location of their prize.

Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids