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Printable Mazes for Preschoolers

Michele Meleen
child solving a maze

Printable preschool mazes are made just for kids ages three and four looking for some quiet, independent fun. From beginner level mazes to difficult maze challenges at home or school, there is a maze out there for every child to finish and enjoy.

Educational Maze PDFs for Preschool

The great thing about mazes is they are fun and educational. All mazes engage kids' fine motor skills and logical thinking, but some go the extra mile and incorporate a preschool curriculum topic. Click on your favorite maze to download and print using the Adobe Guide for troubleshooting tips.

Catch the Alphabet Maze

This simple maze is best for three-year-olds who are learning to recognize capital letters. Kids need to follow the letters A through E in alphabetical order to get to the end of the maze.

Connect the Dots Counting Maze

Dot-to-dot activities are common for preschoolers, but this worksheet combines a maze with a dot-to-dot and number learning. Older kids in Pre-K will find this maze moderately difficult as they connect the dots from one to ten in order.

School Bus Route Counting Maze

This intermediate circular maze is a great beginner maze for kids ready to move on from standard straight-path mazes. The added educational element asks kids to count how many children the school bus passed, or "picked up," along the correct route.

Printable Multi-Path Mazes for Preschoolers

Multi-path mazes have a medium difficulty level for preschoolers because there is not one obvious route. In some cases there are multiple paths offered but only one is correct. In other mazes there are several starting points and each has a separate end point that goes with it.

Get the Teachers to Their Classrooms Maze

Help preschoolers learn about common community workers within your school with this easy three-path maze. Kids must get the gym teacher, the librarian, and the class teacher to their respective rooms by following the path for each one.

Which Path Is Correct? Garden Bug Maze

Younger preschoolers and three-year-olds are introduced to a multi-path maze with this easy garden bug maze. Three paths are presented, but only one connects the two ladybugs.

Challenging Shaped Mazes for Young Kids

Kids who have moved beyond basic mazes can start to work on shaped mazes. These mazes each take the shape of a familiar object.

Children's Storybook Maze

Kids must find their way through the maze on the book page to get to the end of the story in this easy shaped maze.

American Flag Maze

Explore the American flag in this challenging maze shaped like Old Glory.

Ocean Triangular Maze

Triangular mazes are the next level of difficulty up from a circular maze. In this triangle pirate maze kids need to guide the ship to the island treasure.

Fun Themed Mazes for Three and Four Year Olds

Preschoolers have a lot of common interests as they explore and discover both real and imaginary worlds. Engage these interests with a fun themed maze made with three- and four-year-old child development in mind.

Maze Girl Superhero Maze

In this easy superhero puzzle Maze Girl needs to pass by each person or animal in need of help so she can save them.

Hamster Tunnel Maze

There's no doubt kids love cute animals, and many get a hamster as their first pet. In this simple maze kids need to help the cute hamster navigate his tunnels to find the yummy seeds.

More Mazes for Kids

If your kids can't get enough of mazes, check out mazes with different themes, shapes, degrees of difficulty, and designs.

Fun Ways to Use Mazes With Preschoolers

Use the mazes as part of your themed preschool lesson plans or find new and creative ways to use them with your preschooler.

  • Print all the mazes and staple them together along the left side to maze a custom maze book.
  • Have maze races between peers or kids versus adults to see who can finish the fastest, the neatest, or in the most creative way.
  • After completing the paper maze, use it as a guide to making a physical maze that follows the same path out of large blocks.
  • Turn mazes into a fun group challenge by giving each child a maze and having them pass their maze to the left every 20 seconds or so until all mazes are complete.

Find Your Way to Fun

Printable mazes for preschoolers provide a fun challenge at home, in the classroom, or at family parties and events. Mazes engage kids' critical thinking skills and their imagination for a fun and educational activity.

Printable Mazes for Preschoolers