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Printable Bring Your Child to Work Day Certificates

Mother and daughter at work

Bring Your Child to Work Day typically falls on the fourth Thursday of April annually, although some companies have their own traditions and host this event when convenient for the company's schedule. A certificate can be a fun way to remember the event or to excuse an absence from school.

Printable Certificates

A workplace's Bring Your Child to Work Day coordinator can be responsible for customizing and printing up a certificate for the child. Select which certificate works best, edit it for personalization, and print. If you need help with these printables, check out LoveToKnow's Guide for Adobe Printables.

Participation Certificate

This simple participation certificate features a signature line for the boss or coordinator. Enter the child's name and the date; note that the LoveToKnow logo featured on the top right corner will not appear on the printed certificate. This certificate will serve as a nice memento to remember the day for years to come. Alternatively, it can also be presented to the child's school to explain the absence from class. Presenting the certificate at the end of the workday in an informal ceremony can add to the fun of the day.

Participation Certificate for Younger Child

Similarly to the participation certificate above, this certificate is simple and acknowledges the child's participation in Take Your Child to Work Day. This certificate, however, is designed with younger children in mind. It has a more whimsical look instead of the professional certificate option. This certificate is more appropriate for young kids yet still has the look of an official certificate. Note that older kids receiving this certificate may not appreciate the implied sentiment that they are "little kids," so use this certificate for the younger kids and use the certificate above for those children who have reached their tween and teen years.

Honorary Title Certificate

After "working" all day, shouldn't kids receive the honor of a title designation? Use this certificate to bestow upon participants the same job title held by their parents. For example, the child of a bookkeeper will leave the day with their "Official Bookkeeper" title designation. Make this more fun by holding a ceremony at the end of the day where a speech is made about how the next generation of workers started their important training today and will undoubtedly succeed in their careers in years to come. Enter the child's name, the occupation of their parent, and have a representative from the workplace sign the bottom.

Best Team Certificate

It's not a competition because every team leaves with one of these keepsakes. Take a photo of the parent/child team at work, print the photo, and attach it to this certificate. Although this certificate probably isn't suitable for the purposes of excusing the absence from school, it's a fun souvenir from the day. You may want to print two of these - one for the parent and one for the child - so they can both look back on their fun day at work together.

A Beneficial Day

Taking your child to work can be a fun bonding experience for you and your child as they begin to understand where you go every day a little better. It might even spark an eventual career direction for them. Most importantly, it's fun time spent together. A printable certificate will help you both remember the fun you had at work together.

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Printable Bring Your Child to Work Day Certificates