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Music Trivia for Kids

Michele Meleen
kids playing percussion instruments in class

Music trivia for kids encompasses everything from instruments and composers to pop stars and movie soundtracks. Use music quizzes to teach music, inspire an interest in music, or just for fun with kids of all ages.

Printable Music Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids

Kids at different developmental and educational levels will be able to answer different kinds of trivia questions. Click on the image of the music trivia questions you want to use then download and print. Use the handy Adobe guide if you need help using the printables.

Song Trivia for Kids

Younger children ages four to eight can try answering these 15 multiple-choice questions about classic lullabies, nursery rhyme songs, and popular songs from holidays and media.

Instrument Trivia for Kids

Challenge kids ages eight to ten on their knowledge of different instruments. This music quiz includes 10 true or false and 10 multiple-choice questions all about different kinds of instruments.

Famous Musicians Trivia for Kids

Older kids ages ten and up can test their memory about famous musicians from the past and present. Featuring five true or false questions, five open-ended questions, and ten multiple-choice questions, this music quiz covers singers, groups of musicians, and people who play specific instruments.

Fun Music Trivia Activities

Music trivia can be used in so many creative ways with kids. Think about your group and your goal in using trivia then choose a music activity that matches those things.

Creative Ways to Use Music Trivia

Take individual trivia questions and use them in creative ways at home or at school.

  • Give kids the chance to answer a few trivia questions then ask them to use the questions they got wrong as the topic for a project or essay.
  • Line the school hallway or auditorium with trivia questions and answers on posters to promote a concert.
  • Play examples of the musician, song, or instrument from the trivia question while asking the question to incorporate multiple intelligences.
  • Ask students to fact check the trivia questions and share their sources.
  • Create a fundraiser by printing trivia questions and answers on reusable shopping bags or shirts you can sell to raise money.

Games to Play Using Music Trivia

Turn common kids games into music trivia games with a few simple changes.

Kids playing musical chairs
  • Play Musical Chairs Trivia by having kids walk around the chairs while you ask a question then sitting when you're done. The person who doesn't get a seat has to answer correctly to stay in.
  • Add a music theme to a game of Hot Potato by having kids pass a trivia question instead of a potato, bean bag, or toy. The kid who gets stuck with it has to answer the question.
  • Turn a game of charades into a music trivia game by having teams act out the answers to trivia questions.
  • Send kids on a musical treasure hunt where each question is a clue and its answer holds the next clue. For example, if the answer is "flute," you'd hide the next clue near a flute, flute CD, or picture of a flute.
  • Add a musical element to a standard music trivia or Jeopardy-style game by having kids use different instruments as their buzzers.

What's Your Musical IQ?

Musical trivia is challenging because it covers so many specific topics, but it's often easy to recall because the answers are associated with sounds and images. Kids, teens, and adults can test their music trivia IQ by answering different music trivia questions.

Music Trivia for Kids