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Movie Trivia Questions for Kids

Jennifer L. Betts
Kids watching a 3D movie

Movie trivia can be a fun past time for all different age levels. Whether it is the latest Disney movies or fun cartoons, kids love trying to guess trivia questions for their favorite movies. Explore movie trivia questions for preschoolers up to tweens.

Movie Trivia Printables

Printables for movie trivia can be used by teachers and parents as a fun pastime. Getting your printables is as simple as clicking on the link and hitting print. However, if you have questions on printing your printables, viewing Adobe printable instructions can be helpful.

Movie Trivia for Early Elementary

Kids love movies. Not only do they have the Dory and Merida dolls and accessories, but they've typically seen the movies at a dozen times. You know the movies are on repeat, and you can definitely sing the lyrics to the Frozen soundtrack. Therefore, movie trivia designed for preschool and kindergarten can be a fun break from learning. It's also great for them work on memory and cognition in an area that they enjoy. These questions cover action, funny, and family movies. They are also simple enough for the littlest of learners to enjoy. And to make your life a little easier, the questions and answers come on separate pages.

Elementary Movie Trivia Printables

Designed for kids in first through third grade, these movie printables add musicals and spooky movies to the action and family line up. Covering some of the top movies found through streaming services like High School Musical. It also covers fun classics like The Nightmare Before Christmas. With questions and answers on separate pages, you can use these as a fun trivia game reward or just as a memory building game. Additionally, these questions are based on movies that many girls and boys of this age group will adore.

Later Elementary and Tween Movie Trivia

Tween audiences take a more sophisticated approach. Not only are their interests in movies very different from the early elementary, but the questions get harder. Rather than just thinking of a name of a specific character, 4th through 7th graders need to remember why Bumblebee can't talk or where Peter Parker worked. Making the trivia more difficult can make this a fun group game.

Tips for Using Movie Trivia Printables

Movie trivia is universally fun for kids in the classroom and even at home. Not only can you make this a group game where they earn points, but you can also play trivia wars during family game night or on a road trip.

Movie Jeopardy

Assign point values to each question. You will then either pick a panel of kids to answer or split the kids into teams. The team or individual with the most right answers wins.

Trivia Wars

Split your group into two different teams. Announce the category and give each team a question. The groups have a certain time, such as 30 seconds, to come up with an answer. The other team can steal if the first team misses. The team with the most points wins.

Circle Movie Trivia

Have all the kids sit in a circle. Pick one kid to sit in the middle and read the question with help from an adult if they are early readers. The first one to raise their hand gets to give an answer. If they get it right, they get to sit in the middle and be the reader.

Relay Trivia

Divide the kids into two teams. The kids need to get into two single file lines. An adult will read the question, and on your mark, the kids will run to a chalkboard or white board and write the answer. The first one to get it right and run back to their group gets the point. For littler kids, they can run to an area and say the answer.

Car Trivia

For road trips, print out the trivia questions for your age group. Allow the kids to take turns reading the questions and trying to guess. The one to get the most right is the winner.

Fun With Movies

Movies are magical for kids. Not only do they love them, but trivia can build their cognition and memory. Have fun with questions that will spark your kids' imaginations.

Movie Trivia Questions for Kids