Modern History Trivia for Kids

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Experts suggest modern history dates back to somewhere between 1500 and 1800 and continues today. Modern history trivia for kids is a great way to help kids learn about all the amazing people and things that have happened in the last few hundred years around the world.

Printable Modern History Trivia for Kids

Challenge kids' knowledge of modern history with printable quizzes for children. Click on the image of the printable you want to use then download and print. Use the Adobe guide if you run into any problems opening the PDFs.

Modern History Questions and Answers for Young Children

Kids in kindergarten through second grade can try their luck at answering these five true or false and ten multiple-choice questions about modern history. The answers are likely things younger kids have heard through conversations between or with adults or on TV.

Easy Modern History Trivia for Kids
Easy Modern History Trivia for Kids

Modern History Questions and Answers for Older Children

Older kids in grades three through five who have had some history lessons can answer these five true or false, five open-ended, and ten multiple-choice questions about modern history. From discoveries and inventions to awards and outer space to the Oval Office, these trivia questions cover a wide variety of important historical topics.

Challenging Modern History Trivia for Kids
Challenging Modern History Trivia for Kids

Creative Ways To Use Trivia Questions

Trivia questions can be used as an independent or group quiz, daily fun facts for journaling, or in homemade Jeopardy games. If you want to take your trivia game to the next level, give kids some more creative ways to test their knowledge or learn new facts from modern history.

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Trivia Scavenger Hunt

Separate the questions by century and send kids on a scavenger hunt through history. Students will need to scour their local library or the internet to find the answers to each question in the century they are assigned. You can also hide the answers around the room in relevant places, like science trivia answers in science books or test tubes and political answers on voting posters.

Teamwork Trivia Timeline

Split kids up into teams or send them off individually to find answers to one question at a time. Once they find an answer, kids can come back to a central location like a classroom white board and add their trivia answer to a group timeline.

How Does History Repeat Itself?

Assign each kid one trivia question and challenge them to find another time in earlier history where a similar event occurred. Kids can create presentations that show the similarities and differences between the two events.

Historical Introduction to Geography

Use modern history trivia questions to introduce geographical lessons for different countries and regions of the world. Before you start a new geography lesson, give kids all the trivia questions that pertain to that location. When they find the answers, they'll discover what place you'll be studying next.

Explore the Recent Past

Fun trivia questions for kids help them explore the amazing things that have taken place during their lifetime, their parents' lifetime, their grandparents' lifetime, and the couple hundred years before. Take kids on a journey of exploration through the recent past with modern history trivia that's within their comprehension.

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Modern History Trivia for Kids