Fun Kids' Crossword Puzzles

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Crossword puzzles offer children fun and challenging practice with vocabulary and logic skills. Try these two crossword puzzles out for a bit of fun on a rainy afternoon. Each puzzle includes an answer key so you'll know if you got your answers right, (or you can cheat if you get stuck!)

How to Use Printables

To use the included crossword puzzles, click on the image. Click on the printer icon to print the puzzle. If you have any difficulty using the provided printables, this guide is a helpful resource.

In the Snack Cupboard Crossword

Ideal for children ages six to eight, the puzzle features snacks kids love to eat. Younger children will be able to complete the puzzle with assistance from an adult reading clues and spelling the answers. This puzzle is perfect for teaching lessons on healthy eating habits.

In The Snack Cupboard Crossword Puzzle
Snack cupboard crossword puzzle

Outdoor Activities Crossword

With a higher difficulty level, this puzzle is suitable for children ages nine to twelve. Answers feature popular outdoor activities and terms associated with those activities. With the help of a grown-up or older child, younger children may be able to come up with many of the answers.

Outdoor Activities Kids Crossword Puzzle
Outdoor activities puzzle

Finding Crossword Puzzles for Kids

There are two basic types of crossword puzzles available for kids. Online puzzles are completed on the computer, giving kids computer skills practice in addition to reasoning and vocabulary skills. Printable puzzles are easy to distribute to larger groups in settings like classrooms.

Crossword Puzzle Websites

Many websites have online or printable crossword puzzles including:

  • Activity Village: Featuring options with picture or word clues, these printable crosswords come in a variety of themes and skill levels.
  • Free Training Tutorial: The online format offers clearly marked skill levels from first to sixth grade and boasts a 'Reveal' button to help with tricky clues.
  • Word-Game-World: Printable puzzles are available in a variety of themes for children of all ages.
  • All Kids Network: This site features a few crossword puzzles with general themes.
  • ESL Games Plus: Perfect for children learning English as a second language, these printable crosswords include picture clues with or without accompanying word clues.

Choosing Appropriate Puzzles

While crossword puzzles can seem easy for adults, they are often very challenging for children. Selecting puzzles with an accompanying answer key can help curb frustrations and offer a satisfying end to the activity. Know that when your child first starts to solve them, you may have to sit and help a bit. With that said, the challenge of a good puzzle is very satisfying. Soon your sleuthing student will learn to love them.

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Fun Kids' Crossword Puzzles