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Kids' Art Easels for All Ages

Michele Meleen
child using easel for painting

Coloring, drawing, and painting are staples of everyday kid's activities. Help your little one make beautiful art with the best easel for his or her age, developmental level, and skill level.

Crayola Magnetic Double Easel

Crayola's classic Magnetic Double Easel is perfect for little artists in the toddler and preschool age group. The bright primary red, blue, and yellow thick plastic easel is just over 40 inches tall so kids can reach the detachable storage bins to grab crayons, markers, chalk, or paints. A large clip at the top of both the dry-erase and chalkboard surfaces on either side holds paper in place.

For just under $40, the easel also comes with a set of letter and number magnets. Nearly 100 percent of customers say they'd recommend it to a friend with almost 700 giving it a five out of five stars rating thanks to the size and multiple functions. Dr. Toys lists the easel as one of its 100 best toys. In addition to being available at Walmart, you can find it on Amazon.


Since it's entirely made of wipeable surfaces, you'll have no problem keeping it looking nice even after your toddler splatters it with paint. The height is perfect for little kids to stand and create so you won't be trying to keep their busy body in a seat.


There are no height adjustments so the easel won't grow with your kids. After about age six or so they'll get too tall to use this product comfortably. It is also quite bulky. Although it folds relatively flat, it's too big to be stored out of the way easily.

Melissa & Doug Tabletop Easel

If you're short on space, try a smaller tabletop easel that sits on any desk, counter, or table and folds up for easy storage. Trusted children's brand Melissa & Doug sells a Deluxe Double-Sided Tabletop Easel for under $40.

One side of the art surface is a chalkboard, while the other is a magnetic dry erase board. On top of this surface sits a holder for a roll of artist's paper. A single folding bar folds out to support the artboard or folds in flat for storage. You can add or remove a small tray with a single open compartment and two cup holder openings to hold art supplies.


The entire work surface is about 20 by 17 inches, so it's big enough to create large works of art and small enough to fit perfectly on any table. It's recommended for kids ages three and up, but because it can sit atop a table, bookshelf, dresser, or desk older kids will still be able to use it well.


The angle the easel sits at isn't adjustable so it may be awkward for younger kids who are likely to drag their arms through their creations when working at the top of the art surface.

Artsy Standing Easel

If you're after a basic easel that works for a wide age range, the Artsy Easel from the Land of Nod is a great choice. The wooden A-frame easel features a chalkboard on one side, a dry erase board on the other side, a shallow wooden shelf underneath, and a unique paper feed.

The paper roll fits in the bottom center of the entire unit and runs up to be fed through a thin opening near the top of the easel where you then pull in down the front of the work surface. It costs about $150, but customers give the easel top marks for quality and sturdiness. Additionally, it was recommended as a top Christmas gift according to Pop Sugar.


Standing 52 inches tall, younger kids can reach the work surfaces and big kids can create with it, too. The sleek design also looks great with any interior decor, so it can be used in any area.


While the paper feed is unique and hidden, you can only stretch the paper onto one side at a time. Since there are no clips at the top for the paper, only one child can use the paper at a time, even though there are two sides to the easel.

Jonti-Craft Giant Easel

When you've got a mini professional artist on your hands, a giant easel is in order. Jonti-Craft's Double-Sided Board Easel features a 50-inch tall work surface that starts at floor level. A birch frame holds the clear acrylic panel in place so kids can create on both sides. Use washable paints or dry erase markers to get creative directly on the acrylic.

This giant easel will set you back about $235, but it can last years with your kids as they grow.


With a small caddy mounted to each side of the frame, kids have their supplies within reach but not in the way of their workspace. The large art space allows for massive creations that could take days to work on, keeping little ones busy for hours.


There's no built-in way to use artist's paper for creating pictures kids can keep or give away. You'll have to either make one piece of art and leave it on the easel forever or convince your kids to let you take pictures of their creations as a way to keep each new one. As suggested by the category, you won't be able to hide this giant easel away, either.

Kids' Art Easels for Every Age

Kids love to imagine and create, especially with tactile supplies like chalk and paints. Encourage creativity with a functional art easel made with child artists in mind.

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Kids' Art Easels for All Ages