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Free Editable Kids' Newsletter Templates

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Allowing kids the opportunity to create and manage their own newsletters can yield some fun results. Bypass the need for tedious layout work with these fun templates designed specifically for kids.

Using the Templates

Browse the templates by clicking on the images. When you find the design most suitable for your needs, download the template to fully access the editable version. Note that while you can edit text before downloading, you will not be able to add images until the template is downloaded to your computer.

Reuse for Consistency

Upon saving the template, you now can access and revise it for each subsequent issue. Your young journalists should decide if they want to consistently use the same template or if they prefer to change the look of the newsletter with each new issue.

Tips for a Great Newsletter

Some adult guidance can go a long way in helping kids pull together an impressive newsletter. Help the kids brainstorm about what topics they want to cover and what the focus of the newsletter will be. Some idea examples include:

  • A family newsletter, keeping distant relatives in the loop
  • A neighborhood newsletter, reporting on what's new in the neighborhood
  • A school newsletter, focused either on the entire school or on one specific club, class, or activity
  • An advocacy newsletter to get the word out about a cause or charity

Encourage kids to narrow their focus and to have clear expectations about deadlines and editorial power. Though it's important to guide kids along in the newsletter process, it's also important to allow the kids some autonomy and allow them to feel as though the newsletter is truly theirs.

A Lesson in Freedom of Speech

Kids will quickly learn how impactful their words can be when written and distributed in a newsletter. It's an excellent method for teaching kids about the power of the press and the responsibility of those who report it.

Free Editable Kids' Newsletter Templates