Creative Virtual Party Games for Groups

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For one reason or another, your child may not be able to see their friends in person. Virtual party games for kids can help them connect even if they aren't in the same space and provide them with entertainment and fun.

Play Dough Storytime

For this game you will need play dough or any sort of modeling clay. This may be something that you already have in your home or can make with ingredients in your pantry.

  1. In this game, each child will have a few minutes to create a dough figure of anything they'd like.
  2. Each child will name their character.
  3. Then, they will take turns creating a story about each character one line at a time rotating turns after each child has made something up.

This game can be played by two children and can accommodate up to 10 kids. If your child is five years old or younger, it's best to keep the group on the smaller side so they aren't waiting a while for their turn. Be prepared for lots of giggles!

Eye Spy in Your Room

Eye Spy with a twist is a fun game for a large group of kids ranging from very young to preteens. For smaller kids, it's best to keep the group to around five or under.

  1. To play, have each child take a turn being the spyer.
  2. Have the child describe something they see in the room they're in.
    • Older kids can describe something visible in anyone's room on the screen.
    • Younger kids can stick to their own room to make it easier.
  3. All the other kids will have five chances to get the answer correct.
  4. If not, each child will have to do something silly like create a goofy dance, make up a song, or make a funny noise.
  5. Whoever gets it right becomes the next spyer.

This game requires no supplies and is super easy to explain to kids of all ages, making it a great virtual party game option.

My Favorite Things With a Fib

Sharing stories and memories about items that hold value to your kids can be a sweet game for children to play together virtually, and there are not any additional supplies necessary. To make this game extra fun, have each child share two facts about the object and incorporate one fact that isn't true.

  1. Have each child pick a photo, favorite item, or object that is special to them.
  2. Go around and take turns sharing your favorite memory or story that involves that item.
  3. Be sure to add in one detail that isn't true.
  4. Have the other kids guess which "fact" isn't true.

With smaller children, keep the group number to five or under so they don't lose patience waiting for their turn.

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Draw Your Friends

This is a great game that tends to bring on the giggles. You will need paper and various drawing or painting utensils. You can also use cut up magazine images and glue if you don't have anything to draw or color with. This game can be played in a large group, but also works well in smaller, more intimate settings.

  1. With younger kids, have an adult tell them which friend they will be drawing so there're no mishaps over who gets to draw who.
  2. Older children can take turns picking which friend they will draw.
  3. Be sure to specify that these are supposed to be silly pictures, and the goal is to see whose picture gets the most laughs.
  4. Once everyone is done, have them share their image and describe what they've drawn.
  5. See which picture gets the most giggles!

Freeze Dance

Freeze dance can be a great virtual party game to play and is tons of fun for kids of all ages.

  1. You will need an adult to stop and start the music for younger kids, and older kids can take turns being the one who starts and stops the music.
  2. With older children, you can add a twist and allow the winner to hold a mini dance competition with the winner earning immunity during the next round.

This game can be played with kids of all ages and works best in a group of four or more.

Funniest Words

This game works great for kids of all ages and doesn't require any supplies.

  1. Start off with a letter of the alphabet which can be decided by an older child or given to younger kids by an adult.
  2. Go around and have each child say the silliest word that starts with that letter. Younger kids can do rhyming words, or words in the same category if it makes it easier for them.
  3. The child that gets the most laughs gets to pick the next letter and be the judge.

This activity can be done in large or small groups.

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Copy Cat

This game can be played by kids of all ages and works well in large or small groups. No supplies are needed, making this a super easy game to set up. To play:

  1. Ask each child to pick their favorite song and create a playlist that one child plays loud enough so everyone can hear it.
  2. If you aren't able to make a playlist, YouTube or Spotify can be used to access pre-made playlists. Make sure to pick upbeat songs to add to the fun.
  3. Have each child take a turn being in charge and making up a dance move.
  4. Have the other kids copy them and mimic their dance move.
  5. Each child will take a turn creating one dance move and copying the leader.
  6. For older kids, each new move can be compiled into a simple dance routine that they can do together.

Hide and Seek

Virtual hide and seek can be a fun game to play at a party. No supplies are needed except a toy or object to use as a hiding object.

  1. Since this is a virtual game, have each child pick a toy or object they hide in a room instead of trying to hide themselves, as space may be limited and you won't want to move the camera.
  2. The seeker will get 30 seconds to close their eyes before guessing where the toy is.
  3. The last child's toy to be found is the winner and will become the seeker next.

This game works well for kids of all ages, but younger children may need additional assistance from their parents or other adults.

Throwing a Fun Virtual Party for Your Child

Playing virtual party games can help bring your child and their friends together, even if they are unable to be in the same physical space. Try out a few games and see which ones your little one enjoys playing the most!

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