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Creative Guessing Games for Kids

Michele Meleen
Boy doing creative guessing game

Creative guessing games for kids are fun to play in the car, at home, or in the classroom. Guessing games can be used as quiet indoor party games or active lessons on senses, inferences, or the scientific method.

Five Senses What Am I?

This easy descriptive guessing game is great for kids of any age. You can increase the difficulty level by choosing harder categories. Teachers and families can play this game anywhere since it only requires talking.

What You'll Need

  • At least two players
  • Paper and pencil to keep score
  • One category for the game or the round - Categories should be things that incorporate multiple senses such as animals, foods, or plants.

Game Directions

  1. Each player chooses one object from the selected category. For example, if the category is animals you might choose a skunk.
  2. On a turn, a player describes their object using at least three different senses. Senses include sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. For example, if you chose skunk you could say "It smells like a bad fart, looks furry, and sounds squeaky."
    • Players get one point if they use four senses and two points if they use all five senses.
  3. Opposing players each get one chance to guess the correct object.
    • Players can shout out answers or write them down.
    • Each player who guesses correctly gets five points.
  4. The player with the most points at the end wins.

Who Would Win?

Kids of all ages will love this imaginative getting-to-know-you game. You'll pit real and fictional creatures against each other as your opponent tries to match your answer. If you only have two players, you don't need any supplies.

What You'll Need

  • An even number of players
  • Pad of paper and pencil for each player
  • Several creature match-up scenarios such as T-Rex vs. Poisonous spider, Bigfoot vs. Chupacabra, or Fly vs. Mosquito

Game Directions

  1. Before you start the competitive part of the game, you'll need everyone to write down their answers to your selected creature match-ups.
  2. Read each match-up out loud and have each player write who they think would win in a battle between the two. Each match-up answer should be on a separate page of the notepad.
  3. Choose a player to go first. They get to pick their opponent.
  4. The player tries to guess how their opponent responded to the first creature match-up.
    • If the player is right, they get to go again and choose a new opponent for the next match-up.
    • If the player is wrong, their opponent gets to choose a new opponent but uses the same creature match-up.
  5. Game play continues until there are no more creature match-ups left.
  6. The person with the most correct guesses is the winner.

Guess the Present

Some gifts are really hard to wrap without giving them away. This easy active game for kids of all ages incorporates this pitfall of gift giving.

What You'll Need

  • Several odd-shaped objects from around the house or classroom
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Gift tags and pen

Game Directions

  1. A parent or teacher should wrap all items separately and in a room where no one else can see.
  2. Write one player's name on the label for each gift. If you have fewer players, you can assign more than one gift to each player. You can also leave off the name tags and just let each person choose a present.
  3. Place the gifts in a big pile.
  4. On a turn, a person picks up their present and sets it in front of them. They can't touch it anymore after that. The player has 30 seconds to guess what is under the wrapping paper.
  5. After making a guess out loud, the player unwraps the gift.
  6. If they got the answer right, they win. When playing with multiple gifts per person, the one who guesses the most presents correctly wins.
Boy guessing what is inside present

Guess the Adventure Supplies

It's survivalist meets charades in this easy, active guessing game. Kids will try to guess which three supplies you're taking on your mystery adventure as you act each one out. You can split into teams and keep score or have fun playing as a whole family.

What You'll Need

  • Space to stand up and move
  • Optional: Location cards and supply cards

Game Directions

  1. Choose one person to act first.
  2. For the first half of their performance, the first player acts out where they are going on their adventure. To make the guessing game easier, you can make cards where each has one location written on it. Locations might include desert, island, and forest. Players can pick a random location card before they start.
  3. Once someone guesses the location, the actor acts out the three survival supplies they would take on this adventure. They act out the supplies one-at-a-time and not move on to the next supply until the previous one is guessed. Again, you can put common supplies such as a flashlight, rope, or knife on cards for players to pick from.
  4. Once the location and all supplies have been acted out, spectating players call out all four answers in this format, "You're going on a (insert location) adventure and you're taking (insert all three supplies)!"
  5. The first player to call out the final response correctly earns a point if it's a team game or goes next as the actor if it's not a team game.

What Book Are You Eating?

Kids will need to guess what type of book they might be eating based on descriptions of what it might taste like in this hilarious game. While kids of any age can play for fun, kids ages 7 and up are the ideal audience. Compliment this fun guessing game with picture books such as The Incredible Book Eating Boy for classroom lessons.

What You'll Need

  • Large bowl
  • Strips of paper
  • Book taste descriptions

Sample Book Descriptions

  • Dictionary - This book tastes dry and everything tastes the same because every page is filled with black and white words only.
  • Atlas - This book tastes like salt water, dirt, trees, fresh water, and roads.
  • Board book - This book mostly tastes like cardboard.
  • Cookbook - This book tastes like every kind of food you can imagine.

Game Directions

  1. The first player pulls a description out of the bowl and reads it out loud.
  2. The first person to guess the correct type of book goes next.
  3. Game play continues until all descriptions have been read.

Easy Classic Guessing Games With a Twist

Throughout history kids, educators, and parents have invented guessing games that are now considered staples of childhood. While these games are fun, you can modernize them by adding a simple twist to each one. When you change one element of a game, the possible ways to play are infinite.

  • Reinvent the board game Guess Who? by changing out the photos for family member portraits, choosing more than one character for each round, or playing charades to ask your questions.
  • Play a custom version of the game Catch Phrase by requiring clue givers to remain silent as use only objects in the room to get teammates to guess their phrase.
  • Add a twist to the classic icebreaker game Two Truths and a Lie by having players draw their statements rather than say them.
  • Printable quizzes and trivia questions easily turn into guessing creative guessing games when you have players answer questions privately then ask opponents to guess whether another player guessed right or wrong.
  • Use funny riddles in a guessing game by awarding points for correct answers and creative answers.

Guess Which Game You'll Play Next

Creative guessing games are fun for kids, teens, and adults. These easy word games don't require a lot of materials or setup and can be used to pass the time just about anywhere.

Creative Guessing Games for Kids