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Animal Crafts for Kids

Jennifer L. Betts
Two young children painting at home

Rainy day with nothing to do? Whether you have a 4-year-old or a 12-year-old, crafts that include animals can be a fun pastime. Explore different animal crafts that you and your kiddos can try like paper plate animals or scrapbooking.

Animal Crafts for Little Kids

You might think that you need a lot of different supplies to make crafting fun for your littles but that's just not true. Most parents or teachers have markers, crayons and construction paper all over the place. This is all you need for kids to start creating animals. They might create a decoration for the house or paper zoo animals.

Young Kids Paper Animal Crafts

With some spare construction paper, you can make some fun paper crafts. Learn what you can do with a paper plate or even a toilet paper roll as well.

Puppet Animals for Kids

Socks with holes or without matches can turn into a lot of fun by making them into sock puppets. You could create a dog, cat, or whole zoo. Check out these animal puppet ideas.

Zoo Crafts for Kids

Are your kids taking a trip to the zoo? Are they just in love with zoo animals? Zoo crafts can keep them engaged in working with their hands and pushing their creative limits. Zoo crafts for preschoolers you might try creating include a zoo mask or alphabet book of zoo animals.

Animal Crafts for Older Kids

Animal crafts aren't just for littles. Lots of older kids enjoy crafting through origami or scrapbooking. Learn some animal themed crafts that can keep your older kids engaged.

Scrapbooking Animal Kid's Crafts

Not every kiddo out there is about making paper crafts or sock puppets, sometimes scrapbooking is more their crafting game. There are lots of animal-themed scrapbook ideas that you can try with the right materials. Whether you buy pre-themed paper or make your own scrapping pages out of construction paper and markers, this can be a fun activity.

Paper Crafts: Origami

The art of folding paper, origami, can keep tweens busy for hours and hours. While this craft takes some patience, kids can explore this art form by making their pet animals out of paper. After reading through instructions, kids can choose to fold a paper pet.

Zoo Animal Origami

Go beyond just pets and learn to make wild zoo animals. You might even create a whole origami zoo that you can use to decorate your room or make a mobile out of. Click to find out how to fold your origami zoo animals.

Bird Origami for Kids

Kids that love birds might be more interested in folding origami birds. These fun crafts can be used in a variety of ways like gifts or even wall ornaments. Learn how to fold a variety of birds.

Towel Origami Crafts

No paper on hand, no worries. You can fold towels to create towel animals. This might be fun to make for a friend or even to decorate your room. Much like paper folding, folded towel animals can come in an array of varieties.

Why Kids Should Craft

Not only is crafting fun for kids but it is great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Kids can also develop problem-solving skills by building something out of seemingly nothing. This makes crafting a learning experience for kids of all ages.

Animal Crafts for Kids