Airplane Games for Kids

Michele Meleen
pilot boy playing with toy airplane

Airplanes are big, fast, and come in many forms which makes them appealing to kids of all ages. Engage your child's love of flying with these fun games involving pretend, virtual, or paper airplanes.

Virtual Games

Kids can practice computer or technology skills through exciting airplane adventures in these free games.

Flight Simulator

Older kids ages eight and up can see what it looks and feels like to be a real pilot in Airplane! 2 Flight Simulator. This free app is rated 'E' for everyone and features almost 100 different types of aircraft including helicopters, military planes, and passenger planes you unlock as your skill level increases. Child pilots choose their plane, airport, and weather conditions then take off, fly, and land at another airport earning coins for each success. The game requires android 4.0 or higher and uses a view from outside the plane making it a little easier for kids to fly.

Jet Stream Racers

Featuring characters from the Disney movie Planes, Jet Stream Racers allows young plane enthusiasts to take the controls and race Dusty Crophopper and his friends. Kids use the up and down keys on the keyboard to move Dusty in the corresponding direction. Avoid the storm clouds, other planes, and mountains, but be sure to pick up fuel when you need it. You get three tries on each of the five levels each highlighted with triumphant music and scenic backgrounds. Kids from preschool through second grade with enjoy this game most.

Let's Fly

Toddlers and preschoolers join young scientist Sid the Science Kid in building an airplane for his friend May in Let's Fly. Kids ages three to five can click and drag the airplane parts to the airplane body. Then you choose either easy or hard mode to fly the plane you built. In easy mode kids simply move the mouse from side to side to direct the plane while the hard mode adds in use of the spacebar. Keep your plane in between the rows of balloons to get the fastest time on the course. There are three flying rounds and each gets a little harder than the last.

Mystery Plane Paper Airplane Game

Even groups stuck in a smaller space, like a classroom, can have fun with paper planes in this simple look and find game. Younger kids from kindergarten to second grade will especially enjoy the simplicity.

What You Need

  • Two sheets of paper for each player
  • Markers or crayons
  • Dry erase or chalk board (big or small)
  • Bucket or bowl
  • Open space like a classroom


  1. Each student chooses a symbol to represent themselves. Examples include a smiley face, peace sign, yin yang, any shape, the sun, or math symbols. For younger kids, draw a variety of options on the board so they have samples to choose from.
  2. Students fold a standard paper airplanes, all the same shape and size.
  3. Each student draws their chosen symbol in any two places on their airplane they want.
  4. Students then draw their symbol on their other sheet of paper and give it to the group leader. These papers get folded and placed in the bucket or bowl.
  5. On "Go," every child throws their airplane up into the air. The group leader draws a paper from the bucket and calls out/holds up the image on it.
  6. Kids must search through all the planes in the room to find the one with the correct symbol.
  7. Whoever finds the right airplane first gets one point. Points are tracked on a dry erase or chalk board. The winner is the kid with the most points when time is up.
    Children throwing paper airplanes

Passenger Pickup Group Game

Children team up and pretend to be a passenger plane full of people in this relay race game. Kids as young as five can play, but older kids will have fun too. For the best results, you'll want at least 10 players.

What You Need

  • Large, open space with natural obstacles (like trees) if possible
  • Cones
  • Optional: colored pinnies


  1. Split kids into two or more equal teams of at least five players. One player from each team becomes the Pilot and one becomes the Fueling Plane, all others are passengers. Teams can wear matching pinnies if possible.
  2. Place the remaining players from each team at random locations around the playing area.
  3. Fueling Planes spread arms wide like an airplane and slowly walk/jog in a circle around the entire outside of the playing area during the entire game.
  4. On "Go" the Pilot starts to run around the playing area with arms outstretched like a plane and pick up one passenger from their team at a time by stopping briefly in front of them. Passengers follow directly behind them for the rest of the game. You could also have them link arms to stay together.
  5. After each passenger is picked up, the Pilot must get behind their Fuel Plane for five seconds to refuel.
  6. Once all passengers are picked up, the Pilot with passengers and the Fuel Plane race back to the starting line. The first team back wins.
    boy simulating flight

Fun in Flight

Kids turn into adventurous pilots when they play airplane games. Whether you're teaching a unit on the history of planes or planning a themed birthday party, kids will love engaging in aerial play.

Airplane Games for Kids