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39 Fun Craft Ideas for Boys

Michele Meleen
boys making craft projects at table

Finding awesome craft ideas for boys can be a challenge, but it's definitely possible! LoveToKnow features dozens of original, free craft instructions that incorporate typical boy interests and physical skills to engage boys of all ages. Simply click on your favorite project for more directions and lists of needed materials.

Creative Crafts for Little Boys

Little boys from toddlers through age six can complete simple crafts with some help from an adult. Kids this age have short attention spans and expect exciting results, so you'll want to pick crafts that are quick and can be played with almost immediately.

Simple Paper Crafts for Boys

Cutting, coloring, and gluing are the only skills required in these easy paper crafts featuring things boys ages four and up love like critters, trains, and loud noises.

Toys Little Boys Can Make

Quick crafts that make tangible toys are perfect for boys ages four to seven because they can immediately play with their creation.

Craft Projects Especially for Older Boys

Boys in upper elementary school and even tween boys might be the hardest group to find crafts for. Older boys ages eight to eleven can pull off more elaborate projects, but the end result should still be something really cool.

Easy Folded Paper Craft Projects for Older Boys

Paper crafts seem easy, but when they require intricate folding techniques and precise measurements, they are better suited to older kids. Paper crafts for boys ages eight to eleven require following complex directions and result in cool, usable products.

Useful Crafts for Older Boys

Boys in upper elementary school are often more interested in craft projects they can use or give as gifts than purely decorative items. They'll need to use some tools to create these usable crafts.

Simple Origami Toys for Older Boys to Make

Origami folding techniques can be complicated, but boys in grades three through six can make these simple moving toys with little help.

Creepy and Scary Origami Animals for Older Boys to Make

Boys ages eight to eleven who like pranking friends or want to decorate their room with fierce creatures can create these simple origami critters.

Simple Weapon and Armor Crafts for Older Boys

Many boys like to watch and act out battles between soldiers, ninjas, and even mythological creatures. These simple paper and cardboard crafts give kids the tools they need to win role-play wars. Kids won't hurt each other with these softer weapons and if one breaks, your child can simply make a new one.

Awesome Crafts for Boy Scouts of All Ages

Boy Scouts of all ages from Cub Scouts to Eagle Scouts participate in craft projects to earn badges or use as fundraisers. Nature crafts and projects that can be used while camping are great for Boy Scout troops. Since troop leaders and parents often help Boy Scouts with crafts, even little boys can make these projects.

DIY Games for Boys of All Ages to Make

Since many boys like to be active and competitive, crafts that make playable games are coveted. Most DIY games can be made with any theme your child likes such as dragons or superheroes.

Boys Can Be Crafty Too!

Some boys love arts and crafts projects, while others would rather be playing sports or being active. Crafts with the typical interests and skill-sets of boys in mind engage little guys of all ages.

39 Fun Craft Ideas for Boys