Winter Poems for Kids

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Many kids' winter wishes include magical experiences with snow, ice, and Christmas. Make these wishes come true any time of year with short winter poems for kids like these written by Michele Meleen.

Mother Nature's Freezer

This metaphor poem for kids suggests winter is actually Mother Nature's freezer. The silly nature of the poem makes it fun, funny, and relatable to both parents and kids.

Winter is Mother Nature's freezer
that's been opened to find a meal.
But when her children need her,
she forgets to close the freezer.

When her babies need warmth
or food or drink,
Mother Nature heeds their call,
leaving frozen food free to squall.

Bits of freezer burn and ice cream,
drift out into the world,
But, Mother Nature doesn't see,
since she's busy with her babies.

Finally Mother Nature is free
and heads back to her kitchen,
she closes the door with a hurried slam
and in trots the spring lamb.

Snowflake on My Tongue

Haiku poems are great for younger kids because they are short and simple. This Haiku helps capture the feeling of snowflakes on the tongue.

Snowflake on my tongue
Ice cold then warm and melting
Winter's special treat

There Was an Old Sled

Inspired by the classic rhyme "There Was an Old Lady," this cute winter poem uses personification to bring winter fun to life.

There was an old sled who was ready to ride,
I don't know why it couldn't slide.

There was a snowy hill sitting under the slide
it glistened and gleamed and begged for a ride.

There was a small boy standing on the hill
who wanted to slide, but stood quite still.

When the moment was right,
the boy sat on the sled.
He pushed off the hill and down they went
The boy and the sled began to slide
on their first and best snowy hill ride.

Boy standing in snow holding a sledge

Behold My Breath

One of the most magical things about winter for kids is being able to see their breath. Since this poem is short and rhyming, kids in preschool or Kindergarten could even recite it individually or as a group.

In and out,
fast or slow,
I feel my breath,
but can't see it go.

When winter arrives
my breath comes alive

In and out,
fast or slow,
In the cold winter air
My breath is there to behold!

A Bandaid for the World

This example of poetry that uses simile compares snow to a bandaid. The poem is inspirational and a bit humorous making it a great choice for adding to winter coloring pages or pictures.

Snow is like a bandaid,
waiting for the right moment,
when you need it most
serving as a healing component.

Snow is like a bandaid,
it covers up Earth's wounds.
While they sit, those wounds can heal
Until life is ready to resume.

Snow is like a bandaid,
sticking to every inch of land.
When it's ready to come off,
some bits don't peel up easy as planned.

Huddle for Warmth

Children of any age, even kids in preschool, can recite poems like this easy rhyme. The sentimental undertones would work well on a winter keepsake for parents or other family members.

Fit me with socks,
and a fluffy sweatshirt.
Give me a blanket,
and some hot cocoa.
Tuck in with me
for a warm cuddle
in our winter family huddle.

Icicle Decorations

Poems about seasonal and holiday decorations, such as short Christmas poems, add atmosphere to any occasion. This acrostic poem about nature's best winter decorations can be used by kids of any age.

Inch by inch
Circling down
Icicles form
Crystal cones
Lavishly decorating
Every home

Once Upon a Winter's Day

Winter adventures with kids often result in funny memories just like in this funny winter poem about a winter day that's anything but typical.

Once upon a winter's day
I bundled up and walked away.
I should really say,
I tried to walk away,
But the snow wouldn't let me.
It pulled my boots
and turned them to roots
until I was waist deep.

Once upon a winter's day
I bundled up and sunk away.
Into the snow I went.
Now my winter will be spent
stuck in the waist-deep snow

Once upon a winter's day
Mom finds me in the snow.
She'll grab my waist
And yank with haste
then into the house we'll go.

Printable Winter Poems for Kids

All of the original winter poems by Michele Meleen are available in a fun printable version. Click on the document to download and print all eight poems. Use the Adobe guide if you need help printing the small winter poem cards. Once printed, you can cut out the individual poems and use them for crafts, lessons, or keepsakes.

Winter Poems for Kids
Click to print original winter poems on cards.

Famous Winter Poems for Kids

Well-known children's poets have unique ways of capturing the spirit of winter with child-like emotion. These famous poems about winter celebrate all that's great about ice and snow.

Snowball By Shel Silverstein

Beloved children's poet Shel Silverstein penned many great poems about winter, but "Snowball" is one of the funniest. The opening line says, "I made myself a snowball as perfect as can be." then the poem goes on to chronicle what happens when a child decides to keep a snowball. Kids will love the hilarious and relatable ending. "Snowball" was published in Silverstein's book called Falling Up.

Ice Can Scream By Jane Yolen

Jane Yolen is another beloved children's author and poet with several fun and meaningful poems about winter. Ice Cream Can Scream opens with the line "Ice can scream,/Ice can shout:/Winter in and Autumn out." Yolen's personification of ice makes the poem fun for kids as they imagine all the ways ice can be really loud, even if no one hears it. This poem was published in a book of poetry called Once Upon Ice and features dozens of beautiful photographs of ice.

Winter-Time By Robert Louis Stevenson

In A Child's Garden of Verses, Robert Louis Stevenson writes beautiful poems about nature. Winter-Time is a longer poem that ends with the whimsical lines "And tree and house, and hill and lake,/Are frosted like a wedding cake." This poem is filled with imagery that incorporates all the senses as you read.

Snow Kisses By Barbara Vance

Younger kids in Pre-K and Kindergarten will love the short rhyming poem Snow Kisses by Barbara Vance. In only four short lines the author captures the joy of how it feels to have a snowflake touch your face. The final lines "You'll feel lots of icy kisses/As the snowflakes flutter by" are cute and fun to read.

Lyrical Winter Love

Whether you love winter or hate it, there's something magical and unique about the season. Celebrate this winter with funny, inspirational, or sentimental poems by reading or writing about your favorite winter activities.

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