Winter Poems for Kids

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Winter poems for kids can help you introduce the seasons and seasonal topics to your children.

Seasonal Lessons

If you live in a climate that doesn't offer drastic seasonal changes, children may not understand the importance that the changing of the seasons holds. Even if you do live in a climate that features long winter months of snow and sleet, introducing winter poems to your children can offer many lessons, as well as enjoyment, throughout the year. Poems offer children a chance to explore word associations, rhyme schemes, and figurative language. In addition, poems allow kids the opportunity to express their creativity through words and drawings.

Using Winter Poems for Kids

How can you incorporate winter poems for kids into your children's everyday life? The following is a list of ideas for you and your child to do. Whether you read others' poems together, or you help your children write and illustrate their own poems, exposing your kids to poetry is an excellent way to improve their reading and writing skills.


What better way to teach your child about the passage of time than with activities involving poetry?

Calendar Poems-Create a calendar for the winter months with your child. Choose a calendar template with blocks large enough to write in for each day. Write the first line of an original poem in the first block of November or December. The subject of the poem could be winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's, or any other seasonal subject. Together, you and your child can add lines to the poem in each block on the calendar.

Seasonal Poems-Throughout the year, use seasonal changes to teach your son or daughter about the different times of the year. Each season, have your child write a poem and illustrate it with either drawings or pictures cut from magazines. The winter is a wonderful time for this project because kids have so many fun options to write about, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Winter Activities

Winter provides lots of inspiration for poetry, particularly if you guide children in their writing by giving them particular writing prompts. Sometimes kids just need help getting started, so give them specific ideas for writing, such as winter activities. Topics that include having snowball fights, building a snowman, ice skating, sledding, skiing, and other winter activities are wonderful subjects for winter-themed poems.

Scientific Poetry

Why not encourage your child to write creatively about scientific subjects in the form of winter poetry? Talk to her about the differences in temperature, Fahrenheit vs. Celsius, freezing and melting points, and other topics that are temperature-related. Have her create poems that feature hand-drawn illustrations about one or more of these topics, and talk to her about the significance.

Favorite Poetry Books

Some children find it difficult to write poetry, often because they just don't know where to begin or how to write. Reading poetry with your child will offer him some ideas on how to write his own poems on the topic of winter. The following poetry books make wonderful choices for children:

  • Winter Lights: A Season in Poems & Quilts-Suitable for 1st through 3rd graders, this book of poetry blends the warmth of the season with the comfort of beautiful quilts.
  • Winter Poems-This collection of poetry features poets like Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, Emily Dickinson and more, and is suitable for children in third through sixth grades.
  • Winter Eyes-Suitable for children in second through fifth grades, poems such as "What I Love About Winter" and "Good-bye Winter" help children celebrate this special time of the year.

Finding Poems

Look for poetry inspiration for your kids in your local library, your child's school library, local bookstores, and online at mega bookstore websites, like Books-A-Million and Amazon. Choose books that are age-appropriate, and, for younger children, look for poetry books that feature bright, colorful illustrations that encourage them to turn the page. Finally, read, recite, and write poetry together to inspire a love of poems in your children and reignite your own love of children's poetry.

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Winter Poems for Kids