Thanksgiving Word Searches for Kids

Little girl solving word search puzzles

Whether you look forward to the meal, gathering with loved ones, or learning about the first Thanksgiving, these fun and challenging word searches help you celebrate the annual holiday. Click on the word search you want to try then print it out using the helpful Adobe Guide for any technical difficulties.

Thanksgiving Dinner Word Search

Using a small ten by ten letter grid, this word search is ideal for kids, ages 4 to 7, or for those learning English as a second language. Each word kids need to find is paired with a picture making the word easier to read. Kids will need to search horizontally or vertically for all the traditional foods they love to eat for Thanksgiving.

Kids Easy Thanksgiving Word Search
Easy Thanksgiving word search

Thanksgiving Dinner Activities

Giving Thanks Word Search

Thanksgiving is about more than a huge meal; it's about giving thanks to the people who make your life happier. Kids, ages 7 to 9, will feel gracious as they find words of gratitude in a 14 by 14 letter grid.

Kids Difficult Thanksgiving Word Search
Challenging Thanksgiving word search

Thankful Activities

  • Complete the word search then use the words from the word bank to write a Thanksgiving poem.
  • Create fun holiday memories when you combine worksheets with Thanksgiving activities that get everyone moving and working together.
  • Have kids write or practice giving a toast at your family or classroom Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving History Unscramble Word Search

While most kids only hear one version of the Thanksgiving story, there are many different versions. Test your 9 to 12-year old's knowledge with this difficult Thanksgiving facts word search. Before they can find the words in the 14 by 14 grid, kids need to unscramble each word in the word bank.

Kids Difficult Unscramble Word Search
Difficult Unscramble Word Search

Educational Holiday Activities

Search For Thanksgiving Fun

Add meaning and excitement to your Thanksgiving with themed word searches, games, and group activities. Use each printable as a starting point then extend the fun as long as you can to get the full feeling of what Thanskgiving means.

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Thanksgiving Word Searches for Kids