Fun Passover Activities for Kids to Explore

Published April 9, 2019
Jewish family celebrating passover

Passover is an important tradition for many families. Incorporating a few kid-friendly Passover activities can not only make the holiday fun for young children, but will also help teach kids about the meaning and traditions behind this important holiday too. Discover the joy in their faces as they create their own Passover frog decorations, laugh while playing Avoid the Plague, or be inspired by creating their own freedom collage. Add a few of these activities to your Passover celebration and make it even more special, or use them in the classroom to help kids learn.

Fun Activities for Passover for Kids and Families

Regardless of your religion, you can take part in the eight-day celebration of Passover. The focus of Passover is freedom and liberation from slavery for the Israelites. This theme of freedom can be found from the foods of Passover to the stories. Now get your crafting fingers warmed up because it's time for some fun activities that kids of all ages can use to celebrate Passover.

Create a Passover Frog Decoration

Frogs are fun! They are also the stars of the 2nd plague that God rained down on Egypt. Teach younger kids from 4 to 8 about this plague and have a little fun with a frog craft. This craft can be used as a table piece during the Passover meal or as a unique decoration to celebrate Passover.


Frogs don't just appear out of thin air. There are a few materials that you're going to need.

  • Paper cups
  • Green construction paper
  • Green and black markers
  • Crazy eye stickers
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors

Making Your Frog

Green is the name of the game in your frog decoration. Follow these steps to get the perfect leaper.

  1. Unless green cups were purchased, color the entire cup green.
  2. Use the black marker to add a face.
  3. Use the stickers to add eyes.
  4. Cut arms and legs out of the green construction paper.
  5. Glue the arms and legs to the cup.
  6. Add any other decorations or embellishments that you want to the frog cup.
  7. Make several frogs to make it a plague of frogs and add them to your decor.
Smiling boy playing with plastic cups

Paa..Paa Passover Lamb Skit Activity

A lamb is the sacrifice of Passover. Help children to learn about the sacrificial lamb through a lamb activity. Not only will kids 7-10 enjoy creating the lamb, but they will have fun coming up with a skit.

What You Need

Creating your lambs is simple. You'll need:

  • Paper plates
  • Sticker eyes
  • Cotton balls
  • White and black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Black marker

Getting Your Activity Ready

Not only will kids have fun creating the lamb, but they will gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifice through a skit.

  1. Take the plate and black marker and add a lamb face.
  2. Use the stickers to make eyes.
  3. With the construction paper, cut out the four legs and glue them on the plate.
  4. Have kids use the cotton balls to make their lamb fluffy.
  5. Introduce the scripture of the lamb sacrifice.
  6. Discuss the importance of the lamb and what he was used for.

Have kids come up with a skit about their lamb and how important he was. Make sure they discuss why he was important and how he saved lives. They should also discuss why lamb is eaten during Passover. For example, kids might make a skit where their lamb is a superhero that gives his life to save others.

Avoid the Plague Passover Game

Games are always a fun way to talk about Passover. Join in the fun by playing avoid the plague. This game can work for kids from 6 to 12 and is designed to help them to understand the calamities that happened to the Egyptians.


You're going to need plagues in order to play. Get started with:

  • Construction paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Large room

Playing the Game

A little bit of creativity is needed here to make the plagues. To get this game rolling, you'll:

  1. Use the construction paper to make the plagues. For example, kids might make and cut out several frogs, beasts or locusts. The plague that they create is their choice.
  2. After making the plagues, you are ready to play.
  3. One person will stand at one end of a room.
  4. Another person will throw out the plagues on to the floor. If you've made all the plagues, you should have them throw them out in order (blood, frogs, lice, wild beasts, pestilence, boils, thunderstorm, locusts, darkness and death of first born).
  5. The kid standing on one end of the room needs to start moving toward the other end of the room.
  6. The goal is to make it safely from one end of the room to the other without stepping on a plague. If you step on one, you're out.
  7. You can use this as a fun game after you discuss the Passover plagues.
Girl plays in a makeshift finger puppet show

Make Your Own Freedom Collage for Passover

Passover is all about freedom and perseverance of a people. Using that theme, have kids 8-12 create a collage about what freedom means to them. This can help them to see how the freedom of the Jewish people relates to other forms of freedom and oppression. In addition to large piece of construction paper, you'll need to provide:

  • Magazines
  • Craft supplies
  • Markers

Creating Freedom

Using the supplies, the kids should use creativity to discuss what freedom means through their collage. They might cut out pictures that represent freedom like the flag. They might also choose to draw pictures of the different events that happened in Passover to lead to freedom. Let them use their imaginations to demonstrate this theme on the paper. After making the collage, have them discuss why their collage represents freedom and how it relates to Passover.

Little girl is cutting paper

Teaching Passover to Children

Teaching about Passover to a group of culturally diverse kids can add more difficulty. If you remember that Passover is about freedom from slavery and perseverance of people, then it can become easier. Use a few tips for making Passover activities more digestible.

  • Talk about the symbolism found behind each activity. For example, discuss the symbolism of the frog and how it might be similar to symbols found in other religions.
  • Use the activities to talk about different aspects of Passover and why it is important. For example, the sacrifice of the lamb and how it related to the people and their freedom.
  • Discuss how Passover traditions might relate to other traditions in other religions.
  • You might also relate the plagues to other calamities found in other religions and point out the similarities and differences.
  • The activities can also be related to historical events. For example, the freedom collage can be related to freedom from slavery by African Americans.

Passover Ideas for the Perfect Kid-Friendly Celebration

Passover activities can help kids understand and enjoy this powerful holiday. Use these activities to teach kids about what Passover is and why it's a beautiful Jewish Festival of Freedom. Try these ideas as a starting point to come up with your own creative games, crafts, or other activities for your family or in the classroom. Passover is a meaningful holiday, but it's easy to make it fun for the kids of all ages too.

Fun Passover Activities for Kids to Explore