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A big part of church camp is participating in church camp pranks. Pulling pranks can get out of hand if leaders do not set up guidelines ensuring all pranks pulled at camp will be safe, humorous, memorable, and not hurt any feelings.

Are Pranks at Church Camp a Good Idea?

Church camps are held all over the world for kids of the same faith to get together and learn about religion, increase in spirituality, make friends and for fellowship. Kids and leaders going to camp may spend months prior to the event planning the pranks. Church camp pranks are usually harmless and can make camp more memorable. In some cases the pranks may get out of control, either because they are constantly going on, or they are physically and emotionally hurtful. Leaders should decide before camp if pranks will be allowed and to what extent. If leaders give guidelines to the youth about what types of pranks are acceptable beforehand, then pranks at church camp can be a good idea.

Setting Church Camp Pranks Guidelines

Leaders can teach the youth at camp how to plan and pull off pranks where no one will be hurt. In most cases it is best for the pranks to be pulled on an entire cabin or group of kids. If pranksters avoid singling out one individual, hurt feelings will be less of a problem. Before a prank is played at camp the following questions should be asked:

  • Will anyone be physically or emotionally hurt with this prank?
  • Will the 'victims' of the prank be good sports?
  • Is the prank too personal or will it make fun of the 'victim'?
  • Are the pranks escalating in intensity and getting out of control?
  • Are the pranks costing too much money?
  • Are the pranks taking up too much of the camp time and overshadowing the purpose of camp?
  • Are the pranksters willing to help cleanup the aftermath of the prank?
  • Will the camp property or the natural habitat of the outdoor camp be damaged from the prank?
  • Will the prank damage the property of the victim?

Prank Ideas

Following is a list fun and safe camp pranks.

Decorating a Cabin

Decorating another cabin in a surprise attack is always a fun prank. You can make it as simple as using toilet paper or as elaborate as taping cut out hearts all over the walls. Other things to decorate the inside of a cabin with are:

  • Stick post-it notes all over the walls
  • Fill the cabin with balloons
  • Decorate the walls with posters

Shoe Switcheroo

In the middle of the night steal and switch all the shoes in camp. You can switch just one of the shoes or the set. In the morning everyone will have to search out who has her shoes.

Duct tape

Duct tape the victim's arm or foot to the bed post while he is sleeping.

Draw a Mustache

Show your artistic ability by drawing a mustache with a (non-permanent) marker on the victim while they are sleeping.

Gelatin Shower Head

Fill the showerheads with red or green gelatin so that water comes out colored. This prank is only possible if the showerheads can be removed easily. Just unscrew the showerhead and pour a box of gelatin inside before you screw it back on. Just remember the shower cleanup may be difficult and you may be assigned to the job.

Freeze the Bra/Underwear

Gather up the victim's underclothing, soak it with water, and toss it in the freezer.

Shoe Shrunk Prank

Stuff paper towels in the toes of all of their shoes. In the morning when they put their feet inside they will be surprised that their shoe does not fit. You can also put plastic bugs or creepy things in the shoes for a real surprise.

Forking or Spooning

Stick plastic spoons or forks in the dirt all around the front of their cabin. (Be prepared to clean this up, it can be difficult if the dirt is hard.)

Remember To Have Fun

Church camp pranks can be fun if guidelines are set prior to camp and if everyone involved remembers to keep the feelings and safety of others foremost in their planning.

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