Children's Name Poems

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Children's name poems can become treasured keepsakes for the whole family. There are a few different ways to find the right poem to express your love for your child.

The Acrostic Poem

Name poems are a very simple form of poetry that don't have any particular rhyme or meter. Usually they simply take the letters of a child's name and use them to create inspirational and complimentary free-verse poems.

Examples of children's name poems are all over the Internet, but coming up with one yourself for your own child can be as easy as doodling on a piece of paper. Take the common girl's name "Danielle," for example:

  • D is for the daring way you approach life
  • A is for the amazing accomplishments in your past and your future
  • N is for the nifty things you do for your friends and family
  • I is for the intelligent ideas you come up with
  • E is for the example you set for your peers
  • L is for the life you bring to every party you go to
  • L is also for the love you share with us all
  • E is for everything about you, the girl we love

At the end of the poem the person giving it may also sign it, for example: "With love from your Dad" and include the date or occasion when it was given "At Your Graduation, 2009." The goal of the poem is to both show your appreciation and also to give the child character-building inspiration.

Writing a Poem

If you are having trouble writing children's name poems, you may be trying too hard. You don't have to be general and abstract as you write about lofty ideas. In fact, the more personal you make the poem, the more it will mean. If Danielle was a cheerleader at her high school, for example, one of the the L's could be for the "Lively way you cheer your team to victory." These kinds of individual touches make the poem even more fitting to the person you create it for.

You can also choose to use the letters to begin each phrase: "Dare to be yourself, Authentically living each moment, Never compromising your values," for the name "DAN". This can be more difficult to create but often creates a more powerful end result. Taking the time and making it a team effort with others who care for the child can make the process easier.

Pre-Written Children's Name Poems

Many keepsake stores have a wide variety of cards, plaques, or even mugs with poems written for common names. If you cannot find one in a local store, there are always places on the web to purchase them as well.

Lindsey Boo Creations will let you order a very nicely laid out poem against a variety of backgrounds, showing wildlife, sports, and many different colors. They also provide professional matting and framing, creating a work of art based around the child's name.

If you would like something other than a framed picture, the IPC store offers similar name poems printed on quality paper. They do not offer as personalized a service as Lindsey Boo, however, and only six different styles.

Personal Touch with a Little Extra Help

At the Hub Pages, you can find both tips on creating your own name poems, as well as many pre-written examples to choose from. These are probably best used as guides, but it is possible that you will find exactly the right poem for the "Monica" or "Paul" in your life. It's a pretty safe bet that calling someone "Patient, Adventurous, Unique and Lovable" will be appreciated.

You can also use a nice printer to include actual pictures of the child for whom the poem was created, which adds a level of personalization that no commercial website can match. Make sure you use high-quality paper such as parchment or vellum (available at most office supply stores) so that the paper doesn't yellow or fade over the years. Name poems are often not only kept throughout a person's life but are often passed on to the next generation, especially in families where names are passed on for generations.

Wherever you get the name poem from, it is a gift from the heart that not only shows how much you care, but that you appreciate the gift of the child's presence in your life.

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