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Sample Thank You Notes for Teachers

Michele Meleen
Student giving a note to a teacher

Sample thank you notes for teachers are the perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation Week, the end of a school year, or just to remind your teacher how great they are. Use the PDF thank you note that best fits your child's age and the occasion by clicking on the image of your favorite design. From there you can download, personalize, and print as many copies of the editable documents as you need using the Adobe guide for troubleshooting.

Printable Short Thank You Note For Teacher

Younger elementary students who are able to write on their own can fill out these short apple-themed thank you notes for all their favorite teachers. Four short note templates are included on this printable so your kids can give one to their classroom teacher and one to each of their specials teachers.

Teacher Thank You Note From Elementary Student Printable

Kids in grades K through 5 can show their teacher just how much he/she is appreciated with a measurement themed thank you note. Students write in a few things their teacher is the best at or what they give the most of.

Printable Teacher Thank You Note From Middle Schooler

A fun Pokémon theme helps tweens say "Thanks!" to their favorite teachers. Students simply finish the prompts to share exactly what lessons they've learned from the teacher.

Printable Teacher Thank You Note From Parent

Thank you notes from students are great and so are thank you notes from parents. Teachers and parents don't get the chance to talk at length many times during the school year, so thank you notes can help express deeper feelings.

Printable Teacher Appreciation Week Thank You Note

Teacher Appreciation Week takes place in May every year and it's a great time to let your teacher know what a gift they are. Using this sample note kids can draw a picture of their teacher and describe what gifts the teacher has given them in terms of education and emotions.

End of Year Teacher Thank You Note Printable

Just like stories have happy endings, your happy ending to the school year can be giving thanks to your teacher. This storybook themed note has plenty of space for kids to write about their experience with the teacher throughout the school year.

Teacher Thank You Note From Preschooler Printable

Preschool students who aren't quite able to write well on their own can express their appreciation through images. Kids are asked to draw a picture of their teacher and a picture of how their teacher makes them feel in this cute and colorful note.

Printable Teacher Thank You Note From Kindergartener

For many kids kindergarten is their first introduction to a classroom teacher. Students show their appreciation with this fun thank you note award for the "Best Teacher Ever!" Kids write in a couple of nice things about their teacher then add a picture of what award their teacher would win.

Teacher Thank You Note From High School Student Printable

Round out your educational career by continuing the tradition of sending thank you notes to teachers when you graduate high school. An academia book theme and lots of blank space give older students the chance to thank a high school teacher for all their help.

Short Thank You Messages for Teacher Cards

Crafty ideas for teacher gifts include adding personal messages to notes, letters, and cards. Short thank you quotes for teachers and cute messages can be included in any present you give your teacher for any occasion.

  • You have been a ray of sunshine in our school year. Thanks for helping (Child's Name) grow this year!
  • You deserve a standing ovation for your performance this year! Thank you for making school entertaining!
  • Thankful is the word I'd use to describe you and all that you do.
  • Thank you for filling my mind this year. Now I'm powerful, hopeful, thankful, and grateful!
  • Teacher Appreciation Week is great, but it would take me a whole year to tell you how much I appreciate you!
  • Thank you for helping me learn. Thank you for helping me grow. Thank you is the least I can say, appreciation is all I can show.
  • I don't always say "Thank you," but when I do I say it to you!

Give Thanks to Teachers

One of the gifts teachers really want is to hear how much they've impacted the lives of their students. It's not always easy to express yourself in person, so printable teacher thank you notes can help you get the words out. Thank you notes don't cost any money and can be given at any time.

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Sample Thank You Notes for Teachers