Printable Fun Bible Questions

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Since the Bible is a daunting read for many people, trivia questions can help you learn important and lesser-known Biblical facts. Have fun while you challenge yourself (or your students) with these Bible questions.

Fun Bible Questions

The following printable Bible questions go beyond the typical. They cover little-known Bible facts such as how long Jesus hung on the cross and what were the first words spoken in the Bible. You'll also learn fun tidbits like what was the name of the street Judas lived on and what Biblical character was a fast driver. The questions are challenging yet fun.

The printable includes one list of Bible trivia questions and an answer key that includes the questions for easy reference. If you need help downloading and printing the questions, refer to this guide for working with Adobe printables.

Fun Bible Trivia Questions
Bible trivia questions

Using These Trivia Questions

The obvious place to use Bible trivia is in Sunday school class. You can give each person a copy of the questions to see how many they know or divide the class into teams of three or four people and play Bible Jeopardy. Since some of the questions are tricky, you may also want to provide the book and chapter where each answer can be found and allow time for research.

Bible trivia is also fun:

  • During your small-group Bible studies
  • On a long bus or car ride
  • At the dinner table
  • At a church potluck or holiday gathering
  • In your church newsletter or weekly bulletin
  • On your church's social media account

Boost Your Bible Knowledge

The Bible is considered by many to be the most popular book of all time. However, unless you're a Biblical scholar, you may overlook many facts. Trivia questions bring to light new details and help improve your knowledge of the Bible.

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Printable Fun Bible Questions