Preschool Graduation Poem

preschoolers graduate

Make your preschooler's graduation extra special when with sweet poems that capture the essence of the moment. Whether the poem is whimsical or profound, be sure you select one that is simple enough for young children to understand and relate to. After all, this is their special day.

Five Preschool Graduation Poems

The following poems are written from different perspectives, and each one is suitable to include in any preschool graduation ceremony.

Preschool Graduation ABC's

This poem is simple enough that the children could memorize it and recite it at their graduation ceremony.

Graduation day is here, yippee!

We've learned our numbers and ABC's.

We've also learned manners and how to sit quietly.

WXY and Z,
We're just as proud as we can be!

Teacher Dear

This poem could be from the children to their teacher. One of the parents could print it and frame it as a keepsake with a class photo marked with the year, and the teacher could hang it in the classroom as a memento.

We're going to miss you teacher dear.
You've helped us through this special year.

You've taught us so many important things,
And now it's time to spread our wings.

We're ready now for Kindergarten,
But know that you won't be forgotten.

You'll always have a place in our heart,
Because you gave us such a wonderful start.

This graduation is the first of many,
But one more special? There isn't any!

Congratulations Little One!

This poem would make a nice keepsake for a teacher to pass on to his or her students. The poem could be printed and mounted onto background paper along with each student's individual photo.

Your preschool year is officially complete,
You're a graduate now, isn't that neat?

You've learned so many things throughout the year,
And you're ready for Kindergarten, have no fear.

Your lifetime of learning has only just begun,
Great things are in store for you, and much more fun.

Remember the friends that you made here,
And so many memories filled with cheer.

I can only imagine the wonderful things you'll do,
So congratulations my student, I'm so proud of you!

You're a Preschool Graduate

This is another poem that could come from a teacher or a parent.

Remember back to the first day of preschool,
When you knew no one, and they didn't know you.
You made your first friend, and then made a few more,
And suddenly you had friends by the score.

You listened to stories and learned to sing songs,
You learned how to sit still as the year moved along.
You learned all the shapes and color names,
And letters and numbers, and how to play games.

And now the year has come to an end,
Time to say goodbye to all of your friends.
It's time to say goodbye to your teacher too,
You've officially graduated from preschool.

Look Out Kindergarten!

This poem is short and sweet, which makes it a good choice if a group of preschoolers tends to be especially restless. It would be cute to have them memorize the poem and recite it as a group after everyone has received a diploma.

We've graduated preschool,
And we're ready for fun.
Look out Kindergarten,
Here we come!

Incorporating a Poem into the Ceremony

Once you've selected the poem you want to use, there are a number of ways to work it into the ceremony. You could read it as an opening to the ceremony, or read it right before or after the official "commencement." In addition to the suggestions that accompany the poems above, you might also:

  • Include a poem in memory books compiled for the children.
  • Frame copies of the poem to present to each child as you call out names for graduation.
  • Print the poem in a graduation program that can be kept as a keepsake.
  • Roll copies of the poem up like diplomas, tie them with a ribbon, and present one to each graduate.
  • Glue copies of the poems to the back of kites that symbolize the children are ready to fly up to Kindergarten.

A Little Something Extra

With all the activity and mild chaos that often accompanies a preschool graduation, a poem might not be what you and your child remember most about the day. Still, it's a nice addition to the ceremony, and it just might become a treasured keepsake from your child's preschool days.

Preschool Graduation Poem