Personalized Preschool Graduation Gift Ideas

Preschool graduate

Preschool graduation is a big milestone in your child's life. Celebrating it with a gift you know she'll treasure as she moves forward into her primary school years is a common desire, but finding that perfect gift can prove to be difficult.

Preschool Graduation Gift Ideas

The moment your preschooler makes his way down the aisle at his preschool graduation is a moment that you both should remember fondly. While big trips and class rings may belong to the high school crowd, there's no reason you can't honor your graduate with a gift that's meaningful to him.

Custom T-Shirt

Is your child a clothes horse who loves to choose special clothing to wear each day? If so, consider personalizing a t-shirt for him to wear after the big day. Anyting that suggests "graduate" is ideal, but if you need help getting started, think on some of these themes:

  • A blackboard with "Graduate" written across it
  • A photo of your child with the words, "Preschool Graduate" beneath it
  • A photo of a diploma or cap and gown
  • A smiley face, bear, dog or other animal wearing a graduation cap

Cater to your child's tastes here; if she likes animals, a photo of a dog holding the diploma might make a great choice.

Places to check out for custom shirts include:

Kindergarten Backpack

Honor the leap from preschool to Kindergarten with a new backpack. Make sure to order the new bag in your child's favorite color scheme, and consider having his initials embroidered on it as well. Steer clear of themed or toddler-inspired bags; the backpack should give youngsters the confidence to march into Kindergarten with head held high.

Shop for age-appropriate sizes and themes.


If your child loves to read, a new book makes the perfect graduation present. Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss is a well-loved classic that is appropriate for both the age, and the occasion.

Alternatively, consider purchasing your child a personalized story. Include his name, favorite toys or even the name of his school into a one-of-a-kind story he'll want to read again and again. Check out Custom Story Books for themes to fit any occasion.

Graduation Frame and Photo or Poem

Commemorate the special day with a graduation-themed picture frame. Make sure to get a great photo of your new graduate printed quickly; photos uploaded online can be picked up at your local drugstore within an hour or delivered right to your door within a few days.

Instead of framing a photo, or in addition to it, write a preschool graduation poem and frame it for your daughter. Alternatively, have her write one a month or so before graduation and then frame it for her and present it to her with a picture of herself on the big day.

Check out the frames at Party City.

Art Bag

Treat your budding artist to a brand new art bag as a graduation gift. Select a bag large enough to hold an array of art supplies, and fill it with various types of paper, markers, pencils and crafting supplies. Many Kindergarten classes expect their students to bring their own art supplies; contact the school for a list of what's required and package it together so your child will be ready for the first day. To make sure your child truly stands out from the crowd, check out the unique offerings on Etsy.

Make it Their Own

The best way to find the perfect gift for your preschooler is to take your child's age and interests into consideration. Keep your child's interests in focus, and personalize gifts, if possible, to enhance the idea that the present was made and purchased just for your child. The gift you choose should be one that can last for years, while providing plenty of memories, as well as one that can be fenjoyed now.

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Personalized Preschool Graduation Gift Ideas