Popular Kids' Magazine Subscriptions

Michele Meleen
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Magazines made for kids often pair education and entertainment either for free or a small fee. With a subscription to one of these magazines, kids get the joy of receiving mail regularly and develop a love of learning.

National Geographic

Each issue of National Geographic Kids includes tear-out collector's cards for different animals. Kids get to see real-life photos of animals in their natural habitats with bright colored backgrounds and fun, but limited text. Animal jokes and simple puzzles help kids expand their educational experience into fun activities. Each magazine costs $15 for an annual subscription. In addition, there is a 'little kids' version, National Geographic Little Kids, geared toward kids, ages 3 to 6.

American Girl

From the same company that sells American Girl dolls, books, and movies comes this magazine for real girls everywhere. Young girls ages 8 to 12 can get six issues each year of the ultimate girl's magazine, American Girl, for around $25. With the goal of motivating girls to do and be their best, this magazine features wholesome activities, stories, and crafts.

You'll read about real girls doing great things around the world and explore a mix of fiction and nonfiction works. If you want to try out the magazine before purchasing a full subscription, you can buy one issue for under $6. Thanks to its promotion of positivity, American Girl Magazine won the Parent's Choice Silver Award in 2015 and 2016.

American Girl magazine

Boys Life

As the official magazine of the Boy Scouts of America, this magazine brings all the same values as the organization to readers who are and aren't members. Young boys ages six and up can enjoy reading about physical health, camping, buying tech or machines, video games, books, and environmental issues. Get an annual subscription of 12 issues for only $12! Even if you don't get the magazine, you can check out a sampling of the awesome content on their website.

Boy’s Life magazine


Started in 1946 by two former teachers, Highlights magazines have been the authority on helping kids be the best they can be by igniting their creativity and imagination. Since then, the franchise has grown with the times to include wholesome, modern stories and activities for kids of all ages. Their children's magazines are at the heart of their company and have won dozens of awards including the 2015 National Parenting Publications Gold Award. With no third-party advertising in any of their magazines, readers get pure fun. Annual subscriptions feature 12 issues and cost about $40 each. Choose from three different options depending on the age of your child.

Ranger Rick

Presented by the National Wildlife Federation, Ranger Rick magazines are another great periodical featuring animals and nature. An annual subscription costs about $15. Ranger Rick magazines earned a Parent's Choice Gold Award in 2018 because they "continue to be a reliably excellent magazine," and "Its range of articles and activities will interest children who love to read, as well as those who prefer outdoor activities." Choose from Cub, for kids up to age 4, Ranger Rick Jr. for kids ages 4 to 7, or Ranger Rick for kids, ages 7 and up.

Sports Illustrated Kids

If you've got an active, athletic kid age 8 to 14, SI Kids is the magazine for them. For only $20 readers get ten regular issues and one double issue loaded with topics like nutrition, character development, goal-setting, positive attitudes, and teamwork from experts and professional athletes. With the goal of helping young athletes improve their own skills, each issue features performance tips from top athletes. You'll get an insider look at how young and older athletes train along with awesome photos and artwork.

Cricket Media

If you've got curious kids of any age, check out the award-winning family of magazines from Cricket Media. With more than ten magazines in their collection, and the distinction of winning the Paul A. Witty Short Story Award from the International Reading Association more times than any other children's magazine, there's a subscription tailored to every kid. Cricket Media takes pride in offering high-quality reading materials including short stories, poems, articles, exquisite art, and contests free of advertising. Every magazine is published nine times a year and a one-year subscription generally costs just under $35 in the Cricket Store.


No matter your child's age, there's a magazine full of age-appropriate literature from this media mogul. Playing on the parent company's name, each fiction magazine takes on an insect-like name to help distinguish them.

  • BabyBug - Ages three and under enjoy issues filled with short poems and stories created with nontoxic ink on a coated paper with rounded corners and no staples.
  • LadyBug - Kids from three to six become avid readers through issues featuring action games and adventure.
  • Spider - Focusing on fantasy and adventure, older kids ages six to nine can expect pages packed with everything from folk-tales to nonfiction articles.
  • Cricket - A whimsical group of silly bug cartoon characters help big kids in upper elementary and middle school get the most out of these contemporary and classic literary pieces.


Cricket Media nonfiction magazines focus on the core topics of science, history, and the arts. Each magazine has a descriptive name that reflects its content.

  • Click - Preschoolers and kindergartners learn about science and nature with loads of questions and answers.
  • Ask - The arts and sciences are explored for kids ages six to nine through fun facts and activities.
  • Kids ages 9 to 14 have several options: Cobblestone focuses on American History, Dig explores history and archaeology, Faces presents cultures from around the world, and Muse covers science and engineering with the arts.

Knowledge Is Power

Giving kids the gift of a magazine subscription gives them the power to learn about current events and the arts as they occur. Readers not only develop a thirst for knowledge with these periodical but also gain a better understanding of the world around them.

Popular Kids' Magazine Subscriptions