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Icebreaker Questions for Kids

Michele Meleen
two young boys greeting each other

When you step into a completely new situation full of people you don't know, icebreaker questions can make the transition easier and more fun. Think about your personality and the scenario, then pick a topic that fits and ask away.

Would You Rather?

Find out what kind of personality others have when you ask questions that offer only two wacky options. Start with the phrase "Would you rather," then add one of these silly endings.

  • Be a narwhal or a unicorn?
  • Be a ninja who thinks he's a chicken or a chicken who thinks he's a ninja?
  • Be a troll or a Bergen?
  • Wear underwear outside your pants or on top of your head?
  • Be the thumbs up or the high five emoji?
  • Take over the world or save the world from an evil villain takeover?
  • Be stuck at school forever or be stuck in your house forever?
  • Live in world made entirely from Legos or cartoons?
  • Build a castle from ice or stone?
  • Be a member of the Incredibles family or the Weasley family?

Have You Ever?

Learn about new people from their life experiences by asking "Have you ever..."

  • Made a meal by yourself?
  • Sold something you made?
  • Starred in a YouTube video?
  • Stayed up past midnight?
  • Imagined a new world?
  • Held an animal with claws?
  • Coded your own game?
  • Built a robot?
  • Known a fact your parents didn't know?
  • Invented your own holiday?

The answers to these questions can spark further conversation when you ask the other person to elaborate on their answer.

If You Were

Ask new people to imagine what would happen if they were someone different or were in a different place. Their answers might surprise you, and the questions might make them feel comfortable enough to open up since the information isn't really too personal. Start with "If you," then add one of these imaginative endings.

  • Owned a television channel, what kinds of shows would you play all day?
  • Lived in the Nether, what would you build to protect yourself?
  • Were a Power Ranger, what would your Zord be?
  • Were a video game console, which would you be and why?
  • Were a pirate, what creature would be carved on the front of your ship?
  • Were a robot, what would your primary function be?
  • Were a famous hero, what would you be famous for doing?
  • Ran a toy company, what would be your next great toy to sell?
  • Could choose one fantastic beast to have as a pet, what would you choose?
  • Could live like any bug, which would you trade places with?
    kids dreaming of mythical pets

When to Use Icebreakers

One of the most common places kids can try out fun icebreakers like these is during the first days of school. Teachers use getting-to-know-you games as a way to learn more about their students and to help those kids learn about each other. However, there are lots of other places you might try out icebreaker questions.

  • Birthday parties
  • Youth groups
  • First meeting of a new club
  • First practice for a new sport
  • Play groups or play dates
  • When meeting new neighbors
  • Connecting with your friend's friends from other towns or schools
  • Extended family gatherings

After the other person has answered the question, offer your own answer to start a conversation or invite them to ask you something creative.

Lead With Creativity and Humor

New situations can feel intimidating or nerve-wracking. Help yourself and others open up with imaginative and funny icebreaker questions that will get everyone loosened up and talking.

Icebreaker Questions for Kids