Five Great Lunch Bags for Kids

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Send your child to school or camp with a cool yet practical lunch bag. Reusable lunch bags protect both the environment and your kid's lunch, making them the perfect option for a packed meal.

Five Lunch Bag Options

Keep your child's lunch chilled while looking stylish by picking out one of these five great lunch bags for kids. Each provides an insulated chamber for keeping food cool, but with different features that make them unique choices for individual kids.

Dabbawalla Lunch Bag

Dabbawalla Bags

Hand-sewn Dabbawalla lunch bags don't look like traditional lunch bags. They feature animal, sports, space, and other designs in a round shaped bag, rather than traditional rectangular bags. Despite their unique shape, they still stand upright when put down. Additionally, these bags are made from a "revolutionary foam textile" that helps keep foods fresh.

PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag

PackIt Bags

PackIt lunch bags feature a unique design that optimizes freshness. The entire bag is the cooling pack, eliminating the need for additional cooling bags or blocks within the bag. Instead, all you do is fold the bag flat and place in the freezer for optimal cooling. The company boasts it can keep foods chilled for up to 10 hours. The company often runs specials on its website, like "buy one, get one" offers. Choose amongst different color options, like polka dot, plaid, and aqua.

California Innovations Bags

Artic Zone lunch bag

California Innovations Kids Lunch Bag Plus is a traditional looking lunch bag, with two compartments for carrying lunch. However, what makes this bag unique is the option to zip the top of bag instead of folding it over; adding 35% more room for lunches and snacks. It also comes with a clip to attach it to backpacks, diaper bags, or strollers. Several designs are available that will appeal to kids, and these bags can be found at various retailers online and in-store, like Sears.

SuperME Bags

Urbanista - Messenger Lunch Bag for Girls

Kick your kid's lunch into high gear by picking up a SuperME Messenger Style Lunch Bag. These bags not only keep lunches and drinks chilled, but also feature a great design sure to get youngsters excited to carry their own meals. Each bag has a special superhero style patch on the front and the strap; upon removal, the strap becomes a superhero utility belt for kids and the bag turns into a satchel. Multiple pockets and compartments make packing lunch easy. Several designs are available, including ones for boys, girls, and kids of any gender.

BUILT Big Apple Buddies Insulated Lunch Bag, Astor Owl

BUILT Kids Bags

If you're looking for a basic lunch bag with an animalistic twist, BUILT's Big Apple Buddies Kids Lunch Bags are sure to suit your needs. Four designs, featuring an owl, dog, cat, and monkey, make them cute and functional. These bags come with a strap that can be used to attach the bag to a book bag or stroller.

Lunch Bag Shopping Tips

Before you make your final decision on a lunch bag, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check cleaning instructions. Some bags can be put in a washer, while others are hand-wash only.
  • Make sure your current lunch containers will fit into the lunch bag's design before purchasing. To do this, write down measurements of your commonly used containers; alternatively, keep the receipt and tags on the bag when you get home and pack empty containers to make sure everything fits.
  • Double check that all straps are sturdy and well sewn, so your child doesn't have to worry about losing her lunch on the way to activities.
  • See that any cute or fun features are secured well to the bag, so they do not fall off with wear and tear.
  • You may end up paying more for a bag that has unique features or a special trademarked design; however, if your child uses it frequently, it may be worth spending more up front.

Make Lunchtime Fun

When your child has a bag that is not only trendy, but also keeps foods fresh, she is more likely to be interested in eating what's inside. Make lunchtime fun by picking out a bag that suits both her tastes and your need to keep her food safe.

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Five Great Lunch Bags for Kids