Cheesy Jokes for Kids

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Cheesy jokes are fun because they're easy to understand and sound silly. Kids can tell these simple jokes at home or at school to get a quick laugh from adults or peers.

Awful Animal Jokes

Wacky animals make great punch lines in jokes like these that include a simple play on words.

  • Why did the boy bring his dog to church? It was a Saint Bernard.
  • Why did the dog keep asking questions? He was a how-nd
  • What do you call an alligator wearing too much perfume? A fumigator
  • What kind of fish do birds stand on? A Perch

All Kinds of Nuts

Black Squirrel watched Gray Squirrel as she found three nuts. "Why did you hide the peanut?" asked Black Squirrel. Gray Squirrel replied, "No one's going to want to eat a nut with pee on it!"

Black Squirrel asked, "Why did you hide the walnut?" Gray Squirrel replied, "It's supposed to be in a wall."

Black Squirrel asked "Why didn't you hide the hazelnut?" Gray Squirrel replied, "Because my name's Hazel!"

Frightfully Bad Food Jokes

Every kid loves playing with their food. Now you can play with your food in a mess-free way with cheesy food jokes.

  • How did the hamburger know he needed new pants? His buns were showing.
  • What do you call a cereal that's cheesy and dumb? Corny Flakes
  • What kind of music do donuts listen to? Hole-y worship music
  • How do you buy jelly at a computer store? You pay-per-jam
  • How did the chocolate call the hazelnut? On nu-tella phone
  • What kind of cheese do houses like to eat? Cottage cheese
  • What do you call receiving an education in making macaroni and cheese? Macadamia
  • What do you call a melon named Jack? A Jackalope

Simply Silly Jokes

Sometimes, all it takes to make a joke are a few well-placed words that drastically change the meaning of a common phrase.

  • What do you call a military man trapped under a pile of jeans? Captain Underpants
  • What do you call a coniferous tree made of pigs? A pork-u-pine
  • How did the sculptor keep track of all his statues' clay feet? With a faux-toe graph
  • One bucket said to the other, "Are you okay?" "Yes, why?" asked the other bucket. "You look pail," replied the first bucket.
  • Why do competitive people like sunrooms better than other rooms? Because of all the win-dows!

Fractured Fairy Tales

Classic fairy tale creatures and characters get a funny ending with these jokes.

Bad Princesses

When Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Elsa go to school for the first time, they aren't model students:

Snow White gets in trouble for eating in class.

Sleeping Beauty gets in trouble for falling asleep in class.

Elsa gets in trouble for telling their teachers to, "Let it go."

An Angry Fairy

Why was Tinkerbell mad after reading bedtime stories? Because her mom said they were reading fairy tales, but everyone knows fairies don't have tails!

A Sinking Boat

Jack and Jim decide to row their boat across the lake, each brings his own oar.

After one minute Jack stops rowing and Jim asks why. "I only brought a minotaur." replies Jack.

Jim keeps rowing for a few minutes then stops and asks, "Do you have any pennies?" Jack replies "No, why?" Jim says "I only brought a centaur, and I'm out of change!"

A Quick Laugh

Whether you're performing at a talent show or trying to liven up the family Easter dinner, cheesy jokes are fun for people of all ages. You might not get everyone rolling on the floor laughing with these funky jokes, but you're sure to get at least a quick chuckle.

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Cheesy Jokes for Kids