Origami Ninja Weapons Instructions

origami star

The ninja were a group of warriors in Japan who were specially trained in stealth. They worked as spies and assassins. Today, many ninja weapons are used in conjunction with martial arts training. Making origami ninja weapons is a great way to practice your paper making and ninja weaponry skills without risk of injury. Try one of these patterns to create fun ninja accessories.

Origami Eight-Point Throwing Star

Ninja throwing stars come in a variety of styles, including the four-point star. This star with eight points is a little more advanced, but the result is both eye-catching and fun.


  • You will need eight square sheets of origami paper


  1. Begin by folding the first sheet of paper in half. Unfold the paper and fold the outer edges in to meet the center crease.
    origami star base
  2. Fold the model in half. Fold the right top corner down to meet the bottom edge and the left bottom corner up to meet the top edge.
    origami star base 2
  3. Fold the points you made upwards and downwards to form two large triangle shapes. This is the ninja star base.
    origami star base 3
  4. To begin folding the second sheet of paper, follow the first step for the ninja star base.
    origami ninja star 8
  5. Fold the model in half then fold the top right corner of the model down to meet the bottom edge.

    ninja 8 point star

  6. Fold the previous fold upward to create a triangle shape.

    ninja star8

  7. Fold the other side of the paper downward to create a rectangle shape.

    ninja star 8

  8. Place the two models on top of each other so they crisscross.

  9. Fold the 3 points inward and tuck them into the center flap. This will leave only the rectangle part sticking out.

    ninja star 8

  10. Fold the rectangle part in half. Crease sharply.

    ninja star8

  11. Fold the outer edge of the rectangle in to meet the center of the rectangle.

    ninja star 8

  12. Repeat steps 1-9 to make a total of 4 models.

    orgami 8 point

  13. Place two of the models on top of each other so the rectangle flaps cross.

    ninja 8

  14. Fold one of the model's rectangle flaps under the other one's rectangle.

    ninja 8

  15. Continue adding models the same way in a pinwheel pattern until you achieve the star shape.


  16. Flatten out any creases to complete the model.

    ninja 8

Origami Ninja Dagger Instructions

This paper knife is not difficult to make and provides a realistic looking paper version of a real warrior weapon.


  • You will need two large square sheets of construction paper (origami paper is too thin for this project)


  1. Fold the first sheet of paper in half diagonally to form a triangle.
    origami dagger 1
  2. Fold the same sheet of paper in half again to form a smaller triangle.
    origami dagger 2
  3. Unfold the previous fold. Fold one of the side flaps in to meet the center.
    origami dagger 3
  4. Fold the same flap over twice more to create the dagger shape.
    origami dagger5
  5. Fold the tip into the pocket inside the dagger.
    origami dagger
  6. Roll the second sheet of paper into a narrow tube. Place 1/3 of the tube inside the pocket of the dagger.
    origami dagger
  7. Flatten out the upper 1/3 of the tube to make the handle for the dagger. Make a fold to make a right angle.
    orgami dagger
  8. Make another right angle form to continue the dagger handle.
    origami dagger
  9. Make two more right angle creases to complete the handle of the dagger.
    origami dagger
  10. Tuck the tip of the dagger handle into the beginning of the first right angle fold of the dagger point to complete the model. If the folds aren't tight enough to hold the handle in place, you can apply a small piece of clear tape to adhere it.
    origami dagger

More Traditional Ninja Weapons

While many people are familiar with the throwing stars, traditional ninja weapons also include other styles and you can make origami versions of these as well. Try folding paper throwing knives and origami swords to add to your collection.

For Play or Display

If you're making paper ninja weapons to use as accessories for play, you can reinforce them with a layer of clear tape so they will last longer but still look great. Leave the tape out if you're planning only to display your models, however. With crisp, tight folds and good quality origami paper, your displayed ninja weapons will last for years.

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Origami Ninja Weapons Instructions