Basic Blank Printable Board Games

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Creative kids can turn any activity into a game. With a printable board game, you can encourage kids to create a full game, complete with rules! Just print and go for gaming fun all day.

Free Board Games to Print

These printable board games have plenty of spaces kids can use to create a game. Print the game on card stock; if you have trouble downloading and printing the game, use this guide for Adobe printables to make sure it goes smoothly.

Ways to Use the Templates

You can use a blank game template in a variety of ways, but all will be dependent on the game you or your kids create. Just a few suggestions for using the boards include:

  • Print a test run on regular paper and use it to sketch out the board design. See what fits and what doesn't, then print your final copy on card stock. For extra durability, glue the board to a piece of smooth sanded plywood.
  • Consider laminating the board template. Use a dry erase marker to sketch out the different spaces and ideas you have, wiping as needed to start over.
  • Store the game in a large envelope, along with any instructions and accessories needed. This keeps everything together. Let kids decorate the front of the envelope to help illustrate the game inside. Don't forget to add the game's name!

In addition to practical ways for using the templates, you might want to consider using it for a number of different occasions such as a baby or bridal shower, in school or daycares as a learning game, or printed in large quantities and used as an activity at a Christmas or birthday party.

Make the Gameplay Fun

While the game rules can vary, you can make playing the game fun and exciting by incorporating any of the following ideas into your game:

  • Add decorations like glitter, stickers, 3D paper crafts, and other items to the game board.
  • Pick up fun trinkets from the party aisle to use as game pieces.
  • Use oversized dice for moving along the board instead of regular dice (if dice are needed).
  • If you're making cards for playing, decorate the backs to match the game's theme.
  • Draw fun and crazy pictures (or even use personal photos) for blank spaces or to help illustrate an instruction on the board.

Play All Day

Using a blank board game template allows anyone to come up with as many original games as she can imagine. Print off a few boards and create enough games to play all day!

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Basic Blank Printable Board Games