Pranks to Pull at Summer Camps

Water balloons can be used for pranks.

For children, pranks to pull at summer camps may be the thing they remember most about the experience.

Why Pull Pranks

  • When a group of people spend a lot of time together, things like shared humor can help them feel connected to each other. The children may arrive at camp as strangers, but hopefully by the time they leave, they will have developed positive relationships with each other.
  • A summer camp is supposed to be a place where the participants are having fun. Most of the counselors are young, and campers feel more comfortable playing a prank on them than they would behaving that way with a teacher or another adult.
  • If the stay at camp is a lengthy one, playing pranks on counselors or fellow campers is a way to get a break from the regular routine of the place. Campers and counselors alike get bored and are looking for something unexpected to happen.

Warning About Pranks

Since bullying is on our collective radar more frequently now, anyone considering pranks to pull at summer camps needs to consider the person you are targeting and how he or she will react. There can be a fine line between doing something funny and just being mean.

Before you talk to your children about summer camp and pranks, it's a good idea to find out what the camp's administration considers bullying. Some camps have a zero tolerance policy toward that kind of behavior, and targeting a camper for a prank may fall within the definition they have set.

Pranks to Pull at Summer Camps: Some Ideas

Here are some fun prank ideas to consider:

The Sleeping Beauty Treatment

When the target of your prank is asleep, give her a makeover by applying some makeup. If you have time (and the victim is a sound sleeper), you can add some hair product as well. This prank tends to work well when you pull it on a counselor.

Short Sheeting the Bed

This is a very simple, but effective, prank to pull at a camp where participants are using bunks that have sheets. Fold the top sheet in half, and the object of the prank won't be able to put his or her feet in the bed.

Tuna Fish Caper

To pull this one off, all you need to do is smuggle a can of tuna and a can opener into a cabin. Open the can and leave it under a bed or another location where it won't be detected easily. After a few days, the tuna will start to stink, and counselors and campers alike will have fun trying to locate the source of the odor. (This one is best pulled in a cabin that you will not be sleeping in yourself.)

Dining Hall Fun

For this prank, you will need to enlist the help of several accomplices. Sneak into the dining hall after hours and turn all the tables upside down. Stash the chairs out of sight as well, and wait for the entire camp to get a surprise the next morning.

Vaseline on a Door Knob

Putting a little Vaseline on a door knob makes it virtually impossible to open. If you are going to pull this prank, don't place it on the door knob inside a room. You don't want to make it impossible for the room's occupants to leave if an emergency occurs.

Pillow Surprise

A wet prank to play on your fellow campers is to fill a balloon with water and place it under the victim's pillow. When they turn in for the night, the balloon will burst, and they will get soaked.

These are just some of the many fun and harmless pranks you can play on your fellow campers and the camp counselors.

Pranks to Pull at Summer Camps